Sustainable night's sleep: Energy efficiency in one's sleep

Thanks to modern technologies, Pikolin saves energy and costs in the production of sleeping systems.

Thanks to Pikolin, many people can lie in bed with a clear conscience. With the help of modern technologies and energy management, the manufacturer of sleeping systems achieves higher energy efficiency and can thus manufacture its products more sustainably. At the new manufacturing site, Pikolin consumes 40 percent less natural gas with 30 percent more production capacity.

Sustainability starts with small things. For example, by dispensing with plastic bags or buying regional products, each individual can make his or her own contribution. What hardly anyone knows is that sustainability can now even be improved while you sleep. The manufacturer of sleeping systems Pikolin has built a completely new company site in Zaragoza, Spain, for the production of its mattresses and bed systems. The systems are among the largest and most modern of their kind in the world: From production machines to process monitoring and control as well as energy management, Pikolin sets new standards for efficiency, productivity and sustainability. This is an important step for the company as it is the only way for Pikolin to increase its competitiveness.

A production for the future

The new facility was designed to enable a vertically integrated production chain, which in turn enables Pikolin to manufacture high-quality mattresses, bed bases, and pillows starting from their most basic raw materials. The company attaches particular importance to environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and resource-saving production and has recently been certified according to ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 50001 (energy management). The move to the new facility also offered a unique opportunity to design all plants and processes from scratch to meet the highest standards for maximum efficiency and sustainability. Part of this strategy is also a flexible and scalable SCADA system for process monitoring and control as well as an efficient energy management system. With these two systems, Pikolin can meet both - the requirements of the standards and continuously improve the processes.



Pikolin wanted to build a factory for the future, with cutting-edge technology that is expandable and flexible and that grows with the company’s requirements.


This technology included a comprehensive and scalable SCADA solution for plant and process management.

Pikolin had a clear focus on designing environmentally friendly buildings, using the most advanced technologies available for the facilities. In line with this approach and to ensure compliance with ISO 50001 / ISO 14001, the company implemented a state-of-the-art energy management solution.

To be able to easily adapt both the SCADA system and the energy management system, Pikolin was looking for an integrated solution that also included the automation level. This would ensure that the systems can be efficiently engineered and maintained with the help of a local solution provider.

A scalable solution for production and energy management

Pikolin wanted to be able to achieve full control and visibility of all processes in its new facility. For this purpose, the company first implemented a SIMATIC WinCC V7 SCADA system, complemented by a SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO energy management system that helps Pikolin comply with ISO 50001.


„We needed to control all the data and variables that are generated,” says Vidal Jose Beltrán Relancio, technical and maintenance director at Pikolin S.L.. Since Siemens had already proven itself in the past as a reliable supplier and partner, a large part of automation technology is already equipped with its products and solutions. For this reason and because an integrated solution for SCADA and energy management could be offered, Pikolin opted for Siemens here as well. This enabled the engineering and installation of the systems to be carried out efficiently and Pikolin was able to make optimum use of the available resources for operation and maintenance. The SCADA system now records data in production and an energy management system monitors and analyzes energy and media consumption. "It is a very convenient solution for energy management: it’s intuitive and easy to implement and operate, and it provides us with a powerful analysis and control tool," concludes Vidal Jose Beltrán Relancio.

At a glance

An investment that pays off

With the combination of SCADA and energy management systems, Pikolin has made its production fit for the future and better control over energy consumption. The state-of-the-art systems are flexible and scalable so that they can grow with the company and its requirements. The result: after moving to the new buildings, Pikolin has reduced its energy consumption per square meter by 14 percent and uses 40 percent less natural gas in production despite 30 percent more production capacity.

Sleeping comfort and quality


60 years of healthy sleep: Pikolin began as a small mattress factory in 1948 and is now the leading manufacturer of mattresses, bed systems and pillows in Spain. 

The number 2 for sleeping comfort in Europe

The company currently generates sales of 446 million euros and has a good 3,000 employees at its nine locations in Europe and two locations in Southeast Asia. This makes the Pikolin Group the second largest sleep systems company in the world and the largest in Spain and France.


The company philosophy focuses on the quality of its products. Pikolin pursues a comprehensive approach here and has implemented a worldwide quality assurance system in all processes. Pikolin was the first company in its sector to be certified in 1996 by the Spanish standards body AENOR in accordance with the ISO 9002 quality standard. In June 2003, Pikolin expanded and modernised its quality assurance system following the revision of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. In addition, the company introduced an ISO 14001 environmental management system, also certified by AENOR. At the new location, all products are also subjected to extensive tests to ensure a consistently high quality. 


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