What makes a surfer’s vision become reality?

Intelligent Software helps Firewire customize surfboards. And produce them just in time for the perfect wave.
Future of Manufacturing

Surfing the wave of customization

Surfing is an individual sport, and every dedicated surfer has a unique style and preference for the types of waves and equipment they like to ride. With a powerful connection to their sport, to nature and to their equipment, surfers insist that their surfboards meet their expectations for performance. California-based surfboard manufacturer Firewire Surfboards dedicated itself to meet those expectations. By using Siemens NX™ software they are able to design and produce leading-performance sports equipment like no one has before. Firewire’s passionate staff joining forces with the software experts at Siemens and partners has leveraged synergies that have given the company a crucial competitive edge.

Building the perfect surfboard for every surfer

Firewire Surfboards, founded by expert surfers in 2005 and headquartered in Carlsbad, California, produces leading-performance boards, and maintains a competitive advantage through the use of innovative materials and construction techniques. 

NX™ software, a computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) solution from Siemens PLM Software, has helped Firewire revolutionize surfboard design and production. “Our boards are infinitely more complicated to build than a traditional surfboard,” says Mark Price, chief executive officer (CEO) of Firewire. “The Siemens software helps us on a number of fronts. Our boards require a very complex set of raw materials that must fit together in a very precise way to create the finished product. Without the ability to pull apart the original shape of the surfboard into those individual parts and assemble it, and then create the machining toolpaths that are necessary to create it, there is no way we could do it.”

In addition to its focus on performance, Firewire is at the forefront of the green surfing movement with eco-conscious product development. “Traditional surfboards have toxicity issues in both manufacturing and disposal,” says Price. “In production, many companies work with resins that have known carcinogens, and you can’t biocompost a surfboard – it literally goes into a landfill.” Firewire uses EPS foam and bio-resins that emit 50 times less volatile compounds than conventional polyurethane/polyester boards, and the company recycles waste materials. The exceptional durability of Firewire boards is also a key sustainability feature.

NX software has helped Firewire dramatically improve design and production efficiency and get its surfboards to market more quickly. The leading-edge tools of NX are invaluable in modeling complex contoured geometry, and for generating models of other components like rails, skins, fins and carbon-fiber rods that are used in construction. Firewire has created re-usable design templates using NX that reduce design time for each board from two hours to less than five minutes. The precise geometry is used to create numerical control programs for efficiently machining the components.

When we are working on a product that is so close to our hearts, one that we live to use every single day that we can, it creates an added intensity within the organization that is much greater than the average company.
Mark Price, Firewire CEO
Case Study

“All we think about all day is how to make a better surfboard”

Watch our video case study to gain first-hand insight into the work and passion of the people at Firewire Surfboards.

Step into the future of manufacturing

Industry software solutions from Siemens link the virtual and real worlds. They enable efficient and networked production environments, shorten time-to-market for innovative products, and dispense with the need for costly prototypes.

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