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Should refrigerant gas leak into a room, action needs to be taken quickly. With LOGO! 8, Rowse designed and implemented an innovative control panel solution that detects leaks and automatically starts countermeasures, protecting the safety of guests, employees, and service engineers.
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John Rowse founded the distributor for automation and control technology some 15 years ago in the historic port city of Plymouth, Devon. His son, Tom, joined the company four years later, and business grew rapidly. "Locally, we serve Devon, Cornwall and Somerset", Tom Rowse expounds, "but we actually have customers all over the United Kingdom and the world."

When a leading international HVAC manufacturer needed assistance in designing a control panel for air conditioning units, their first port of call was Rowse. These systems are installed in hotels and office buildings, and it is vital that any leaks are detected and localized promptly. "There is a certain level of refrigerant that can be leaked off, but if this is exceeded, action needs to be taken", Tom Rowse explains. In the worst case, these gases could cause death. 


The BS EN 378-1:2016 standard specifies that when refrigerant levels in a room exceed 0.44kg/m3, the HVAC system should automatically isolate and pump back any remaining refrigerant gas fromt the indoor units to the outdoor unit. Immediately, Tom Rowse knew that LOGO! 8 was the ideal control panel solution.

Our client wanted a technical innovation but it had to be cost-effective. LOGO! 8 is both.
Tom Rowse, Certified Machinery Safety Expert, Rowse Electrical

Tom Rowse has long been a fan of LOGO! 8 and is already discussing new product developments and enhanced features with his client. One of them is remote support for the HVAC units from anywhere in the world thanks to the web server function integrated in LOGO! 8. LOGO! WebEditor makes it possible to control plants and systems by mobile devices and to send error codes to the maintenance department. Using the LOGO! CMK2000 communication module, the control panel can also be integrated into the KNX system bus as an intelligent controller.


"The more Siemens has invested in LOGO! 8, the more we can use it in different applications. Our customers love it. We ran quite a few free training courses, to get our customers up to speed on the use of LOGO! 8 in smart homes. With just a little guidance, anyone can start programming."

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