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With an extensive hardware and software portfolio, Siemens supports Mas Systech Pvt Ltd from Pune, India to build End-of-Line packaging machines that run 30 % faster with 60 % increase in productivity.

The Growth Story

Rapid economic growth, urbanization and rising disposable income has led to the significant growth of the beverage market in emerging economies like India. In addition, changing consumption trends has resulted in development of new markets for packaged juices, water, energy, and health drinks towards carbonated soft drinks. Growing health awareness, developing mobility and a preference for on-the-go consumption are factors that furthermore contribute to the daily changes in this specific market. However, increasing concerns over environment, regulations on waste management and recycling, heightened consumer activism, rising cost of raw materials are also constantly altering the dynamics of the industry.


To serve such a wide range of demographic groups while keeping costs down for brands, packaging requirements are now forced to be more versatile. Packaging lines need to handle several different SKUs, requiring short changeover times to manage different volume orders from various customers. Staying ahead of the curve, is equally important for OEMs and technology providers for these manufactures.

Handling bottlenecks

Mas Systech Pvt Ltd, a leading SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) from India, has been contributing to this rapidly evolving industry by designing and manufacturing new End-of-Line Packaging Machines. These are used to complete the shipping packaging before shipment or final transportation of the goods. Here Mas Systech has established itself as an innovative partner for both local and global market participants.


Recently, Mas Systech faced a unique challenge while developing an End-of-Line packaging machine – case packer, used for aligning and packing matrix of bottles in a carton case. The end customer was seeking an efficient and robust machine with better cycle time that can perform the entire operation 30 % faster than the standard machines provided by the OEM. This required the development of a machine that:

  • provides smooth (jerk free) operation of machine in all stages and speed 
  • addresses complex engineering of servo system for smooth operations 
  • resumes machine operation from last stage after power recycle 
  • reduces the overall time to market

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Technology that builds trust

Although the requirements for packaging manufacturers are undergoing a rapid transformation, Siemens experts are thoroughly familiar with the changing needs of machine builders. This enables Siemens to offer its customers individualized scalable solutions for all application areas. In this particular case, Mas Systech was provided a combination of hardware and software solutions from the Siemens end-to-end comprehensive portfolio to build an optimal machine that meets all the desired Key Performance Indicators and addresses their challenges. For this purpose, SIMATIC S7-1511 Technology CPU and SIMATIC S7-1214C along with SINAMICS V90 drive and KTP700 HMI were used in this special machine. The end-to-end engineering was deployed with TIA Portal and the standard application SIMATIC Kinematics Control with LKinCtrl was used to help running predefined path motions.

In emerging countries like India, the demand for packaging lines is growing with dynamic, flexible plants with high throughput rates. Our ability to understand the evolving needs of the Indian SMEs and Machine builders like Mas Systech along with extensive local and global packaging expertise, allows our experts to offer customized and scalable solutions for all application areas, that reduces time to market and boosts plant availability – with efficient engineering and less complexity
Satish Shivtarkar, Business Development, Production Machines, Siemens Limited

Automation, Motion Control and Path Interpolation from a single source to meet KPIs

While the interpolation points can also be configured through the KTP700 HMI, 4D graphically aided interpolation with standard kinematics library was executed with SIMATIC S7-1511T Controller. 

This made it possible to define a blending radius at the intermediate points, and as soon as the Tool Center Point (TCP) entered this radius, the speed of the current traverse could be adapted to that of the subsequent traverse. This is accomplished by LKinCtrl library used with SIMATIC S7-1511T Controller. If blending is used, first linear motion is blended with next motion. So, TCP takes the short path to reach the next target position. This helps in reducing the overall cycle time as well as the jerk on the kinematics and leads to improved productivity. Optimized continuous motion paths with blending at the corners as compared to intermittent motion mean less travel distance which helps in reducing cycle time along with optimized motion paths and axes dynamics fast return of TCP to back to pick position.


“One Button Tuning” of servo drive SINAMICS V90 was used to quickly tune axes / motor dynamics parameters such as PI controller gain, Integral values etc. and reduce manual tuning efforts. Proper tuning of motors helps in improved position accuracy and fast response during operation which in turn, improves productivity. Moreover, graphically aided use of standard kinematics and 3D trace function in TIA Portal helps in reduction of engineering, commissioning, and troubleshooting time.

With the help of graphically aided configuration of kinematics, ready to use libraries and easy interpolation point configuration through HMI, our engineering and commissioning time was reduced from few days to few hours, which is quiet substantial. We could develop most of the programs in offline mode & could test it with 3D trace function. This helped us to rectify any errors at an early stage.
Mallikarjun Kulloli, Director, Mas Systech Private Limted

Through this collaboration Mas Systech was able to reduce their engineering time from few days to few hours and also increase the machine speed by 30% along with improving the overall machine productivity by 60%.

Material handling equipment needs to do one thing extremely well: It needs to function smoothly and reliably. In the process of developing the "End of Line" packaging machine – case packer, used for aligning & packing matrix of bottles in a carton case, Mas Systech found a reliable technology partner in Siemens that helps them to stay ahead of the curve.