Simply well packaged: SIMATIC is convincing in packaging machines

SIMATIC technology is at the heart of many solutions in innovative packaging machines. These projects show how SIMATIC components and in particular the SIMATIC T-CPU here helps machines to achieve simpler and leaner processes, better quality and optimum performance in every respect.

BRB GLOBUS: A specific machine for each customer

Since 1986, BRB GLOBUS S.r.l. produces of rotary labelling machines for glass and plastic bottles, cans, and phials. A distinctive feature of BRB GLOBUS is flexibility of production. With all its expertise and experience, it is able to adapt its machines to the different needs of both the market and its customers. In collaboration with Siemens, it has recently replaced some mechanical movements with electronic devices. The design of the MEGA ADE 944 SP focused on four aspects: safety, communication, flexibility, and simplification. The new design was implemented with Siemens components: SIMATIC ET 200SP PLC with integrated safety functions, OPC UA for data transmission, SIMOTICS S 1FK2 motors, SINAMICS S210 drive and SIMATIC TP 1200 Comfort Pro panel for operation. The result: higher production speed, better usability, and a richer and more qualified provision of information to the operator on the machine.

CAM Automatic Packaging Machines: Perfectly integrated

Founded in Bologna in 1949, CAM has evolved into a globally operating company. Today, the context in which the company operates is mainly for multinationals in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food markets. In view of safety requirements for safeguarding products, especially in the pharmaceutical sector, CAM has designed a power supply called CGE that is able to interpose lengthwise and transverse tier sheets, creating a protective grid. The main objective of the design project was to build a reliable and user-friendly system. The integrated automation solution based on a SIMATIC ET 200SP Open Controller and IFP 1500 monitors, in addition to the machine software enabled implementing all the functions of the CFR21 and SCADA standards into a fully integrated TIA Portal system. Moreover, SINAMICS S210 brushless motors now replace mechanical components, facilitating format changes and higher productivity.

Corima International Machinery: Great technology in small spaces

Corima International Machinery, present on the Can Making market for over 40 years, after entering the SLAC group, is now the group’s reference point in the EMEA market for the production of easy-open cans and lids. Part of the company’s range of solutions is the “Plastic Wrapper”. The challenge: to simplify the controls on board the machine and reduce the size of the electrical panel to give operators easy access to mechanical adjustments, while taking care not to exceed cost budgets. This was why Corima opted for a solution from Siemens: SINAMICS S210 compact drives with One Cable Connect technology on SIMOTIC 1FK2 motors, and the management of asynchronous motors through SIRIUS 3RM1 modules. Using Safety Integrated eliminates the need for separate safety components. With this design, Corima has reduced the size of the electrical panel by 50% without compromising on features and serviceability.

HAUNI Maschinenbau GmbH: The right mixture

Torben Wüpper links the fact that HAUNI had backed the right horse with the new architecture to one point during the piloting: "With a fundamentally new architecture, there's always that one question: Will it work the way we imagined? So we just tried it out: We took the axis module from the standard Siemens application and linked it to the parameters of the machine. And more or less half an hour of programming later we had implemented an axis synchronization. From then on it was clear to me: Yes, that works."

Sitma: Performance making a difference

Sitma from Spilamberto (MO) specializes in the construction of automatic machines and systems for the packaging and logistics sector, which produces and exports mainly for the international market. During the Covid-19 emergency however, Sitma provided its entire expertise, machinery, and workforce to its own region. The company helped to pack a first stock of 30,000 masks for the municipalities of Castelvetro and Vignola in the province of Modena. This fast response was also enabled by an aligned automation design. SIMATIC and SINAMICS systems from Siemens are part of all Sitma’s production lines, including the 1150 packaging line, equipped with a 939 external uncoiler, which is controlled by a SIMATIC S7-1500 PLC.

TEKNOICE: All in a line, in perfect distance

Versatility is the strong suit of Teknoice. The company’s custom-built machines are able to satisfy the requirements of both small companies and large multinationals. An especially smart solution is now available for the wrapping machine at the end of the line. The project, completed in a few months, involved the use of four conveyor belts in series, driven by 1FK7 brushless motors and SINAMICS S120 drives. Each axis, controlled by a failsafe SIMATIC S7-1500TF T-CPU, accelerates or slows down the corresponding belt to put the products “in step”. Thanks to the Intelligent Infeed Library for SIMATIC, this solution is much more flexible than the previous design that relied on mechanical components for spacing the products, and it is also easier to operate. The desired ice cream format – be it ice cream on a stick, in cones or in cups – can now be set simply via the HMI panel or directly in the SCADA system.

Umbra: Advanced technology for the highest expectations

Based in Petrignano di Assisi, Umbria, Umbra Packaging s.r.l. design, develops and produces automatic packaging lines since 1995. The company’s solutions have a leading position in the pet-food sector and beyond. Part of this success is a close collaboration with Siemens. The use of a single automation, motion control and safety platform based on the SIMATIC S7-1500 T-CPU with motion and robotics functions as well as libraries for the corresponding software modules has drastically reduced engineering and testing times. In addition, a lean architecture with the distributed SIMATIC ET 200AL systems with IP67 rating made it possible to reduce wiring times, and brushless motors enable fast and precise motion. The new design benefits both Umbra thanks to reduced development times and the plant operator by enabling higher performance and better quality.

Weckerle GmbH: A starring role for the digital twin

Weckerle GmbH from Weilheim is the leading global machine manufacturer in the cosmetics industry in Germany with over 1,000 employees. Suitable products are found for the new application of mask production, the very good quality and functionality should also save time due to the urgency.

The drive solution consisting of the SIMATIC S7-1500 technology CPU and the SINAMICS S210 is suitable for applications in a mid-range environment. The visualization runs via a SIMATIC TP900 Comfort and the signal processing runs via the SIMATIC ET 200SP.

SIMATIC Technology: For all applications from basic to advanced

Flexibility, performance, and reliability are key criteria in packaging machine automation. SIMATIC Technology provides a broad and highly scalable range of hardware products and systems that come with integrated technology solutions for different performance levels. The Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) engineering framework complements this offer with a highly efficient environment for engineering the entire automation solution, for example, by simply parameterizing instead of elaborate programming of technology objects. Technology modules in the hardware offer full support for the corresponding technology functions.


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