Pikolin benefits with Scada

Pikolin benefits from SCADA and Energy Management

A brand-new production facility consumes 40% less natural gas and yet has 30% more production capacity – powered by SIMATIC SCADA and Energy Management.
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Efficiency, productivity, and sustainability

Pikolin’s new facilities in Zaragoza, Spain, are Europe’s largest and most advanced industrial complex in the sleep products sector, as well as one of the largest in the world. With top-notch manufacturing technology and an advanced SCADA and energy management solution, Pikolin also sets a benchmark in terms of efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.

Develop an energy management solution as a part of an integrated plant management system.

The new facility was designed to enable a vertically integrated production chain, which in turn enables Pikolin to manufacture high-quality mattresses, bed bases, and pillows starting from their most basic raw materials. In all its operations, Pikolin is committed to being environmentally responsible and has recently received certification for energy management in accordance the ISO standards 14001 and 50001. The move to the new facility also offered a unique opportunity to design all plants and processes from scratch to meet the highest standards for productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. For this purpose, Pikolin wanted to implement a SCADA system combined with a comprehensive energy management solution to ensure continued compliance with ISO 50001 and enable continuous improvements in the company’s operations.

Grupo Pikolin, Spain

Dedicated to sleeping comfort

Pikolin began as a small mattress factory in 1948 and is now the leading manufacturer of sleep products in Spain. From its headquarters in Zaragoza, Pikolin has been working to improve health and well-being for over 60 years.

Europe’s second-largest sleep products group.

The Pikolin Group, with a turnover of €446 million, is ranked as the second-largest European group in the sleeping comfort sector and is the market leader in Spain and France. The group employs around 3,000 people in its nine production plants in Europe and two in Southeast Asia. At Pikolin, quality comes first: the company has established global quality systems for the whole company, as it views quality control as a dynamic and integrated process for monitoring the company at all levels. On January 26,1996, Pikolin became the first company in the sleep products sector to be awarded the ISO 9002 Quality System certificate by AENOR, the Spanish association for standardization and certification. In June 2003, after the standard was updated to ISO 9001:2008, Pikolin updated and improved its entire quality system. Additionally, Pikolin S.A. recently implemented an ISO 14001–compliant environmental management system, which has also been certified by AENOR. In the new manufacturing facilities at the Plataforma Logística of Zaragoza (Plaza), all Pikolin’s products and components are subject to extensive quality controls in an effort to provide the highest levels of comfort and well-being.

We not only built a new production facility here, we moved our entire corporate headquarters to this new location. In such a project you take sustainability very seriously.
Francisco Pineda Munne, Operations Director, Pikolin S.L.
Solution details

A scalable solution for production and energy management

Pikolin wanted to be able to achieve full control and visibility of all processes in its new facility. For this purpose, the company first implemented a SIMATIC WinCC V7 SCADA system, complemented by a SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO energy management system that helps Pikolin comply with ISO 50001.

Tightly integrated systems ensure efficient implementation.

“We needed to control all the data and variables that are generated,” says Vidal Jose Beltrán Relancio, technical and maintenance director at Pikolin S.L., and explains that Pikolin decided on an integrated Siemens solution to streamline engineering and installation and also to make efficient use of resources during operation and maintenance. Moreover, Siemens has always been a reliable supplier and partner. As a result, the electrical installations use primarily Siemens products and solutions, with various SIMATIC controllers and SENTRON PAC measuring devices on the production floor. All the data are linked to a SIMATIC WinCC V7 SCADA system running in a virtual environment. This system is complemented by SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO for monitoring and analyzing energy and media consumption. “Uploading all the variables to Energy Manager PRO was easier than expected,” says Vidal Jose Beltrán Relancio. Following the initial installation, Pikolin is now working on tailoring the system to display the data in the most valuable context. So far, Vidal Jose Beltrán Relancio is very satisfied with the system’s performance: “It is a very convenient solution for energy management: it’s intuitive and easy to implement and operate, and it provides us with a powerful analysis and control tool.”

SIMATIC Energy Manager is intuitive and easy to implement and operate, and it provides us with a powerful analysis and control tool.
Vidal Jose Beltrán Relancio, Technical and Maintenance Director, Pikolin S.L.

A solution that simply pays off

Since moving into its new facilities, Pikolin has significantly reduced the company’s energy consumption per square meter. This is due to the use of advanced technologies and the better control of the various energy sources that is enabled by SIMATIC WinCC and especially the analysis capabilities of SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO, as Vidal Jose Beltrán Relancio confirms: “put it simply: it just pays off.”
Portfolio highlights

Integrated, scalable, and efficient

Combining SIMATIC WinCC V7 and SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO, Pikolin has the right tools for its “factory for the future”: cutting-edge technology that is expandable and flexible and that will grow with Pikolin and its business while ensuring that the production process remains a benchmark for sustainability.

Systems for success

SIMATIC Energy Management and SCADA systems in specific applications

Seamless integration of the new system by SCADA expert Elecnor

The deployed solution for energy management is enabled by a modern SCADA system. With the implementation of SIMATIC WinCC V7, our solution partner Elecnor creates a flexible and future-proof solution that can also be easily adapted to meet subsequent requirements.  


As a certified Solution Partner – Automation Drives (https://new.siemens.com/global/en/company/topic-areas/partners/industry/solution-partners.html ) for the SCADA Basis portfolio module, Elecnor, S.A. offers comprehensive product and system expertise around SIMATIC WinCC for customized solutions of the highest quality. Worldwide, our Solution Partners with various fields of expertise help implement customized complete solutions in the areas of automation, drive technology and digitalization. 


Elecnor was able to demonstrate this expertise at Pikolin. During installation, they built on the existing hardware and the SCADA system was implemented efficiently. The integration of WinCC V7 and the connected energy management system was carried out in the shortest possible time – and production resumed with more transparency in processes and energy consumption.

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