Oil change

The ability to recover and recycle used oil is a key part of the industry’s efforts to become more sustainable and efficient.

New tricks for old oil

Much of today’s world still runs on oil, and dealing with the used product is a great responsibility. One company in Sweden is able to clean up millions of liters of industrial oil every year, with the help of process instrumentation and control systems from Siemens.

Less than four liters of used oil is sufficient to pollute several million liters of fresh drinking water. Clearly, a process to clean used oil is offers great benefit to the environment and to the companies who bear the cost of disposing of oil waste.

It’s a little-known fact that most used oil can be recycled. The Swedish company RecondOil does this on an industrial scale. The company’s slop-oil recovery centers can be customized for a range of specific requirements and then shipped to the customer and commissioned on site. Using process instrumentation and control systems from Siemens, each recovery center can recondition up to 20 million liters of used oil every year.

Together with Siemens instrumentation and control systems, we are changing the way companies deal with slop oil.
Fred Sundström, Founder and CEO, RecondOil

The science of separation

RecondOil’s technology is able to treat tar sands, ship sludge as well as various kinds of industrial waste oil containing a wide range of contaminants. Consistent use of Siemens instrumentation and control technology saves significant time in installation, commissioning, maintenance and training.

In the past, used oil was something that could only be disposed of. RecondOil’s ability to maximize the lifespan of oil – to take a product like slop oil and make it into something valuable again – makes environmental sense and is good business sense. The industry has taken notice.

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