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Innovative robot cell with tablet PC
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The challenge

Barrier-free human-robot collaboration

What could production look like in the future? With ESSERT Robotics that can already be experienced live: The innovative Advanced Robotic Workstation enables testing and production processes to be fully automated with various types of robot, and enables human and robot to work together flexibly without any barriers. The heart of the solution is an industrial tablet PC, which ESSERT uses to effectively assist its users with their set up and operation.

A simple, reliable and open solution as the interface to the workstation

The innovative workstation employs an approach that is simple but brilliant: the user can easily put together "his" solution from standardized modules. Robots, feed and discharge systems for the material – all combined in one compact unit, which can then be integrated into existing processes in the production or the quality control in the laboratory.

The individual components of the workstation can be easily parameterized on-site via a graphical user interface – which includes tutorials, documentation and a cloud-based interface to the Service of ESSERT GmbH.

For the central interface between human and workstation, the company needs a reliable, rugged solution which meets the needs of industry.


Innovations for the future of industry

As a leader of innovation, ESSERT Robotics aims to "become a little better every day", as Christopher Essert, the company's founder and CEO, puts it. More than 60 experienced technicians, lateral and quick thinkers develop new technologies for the company's customers, which enable processes to be automated and robot systems to be made more flexible and intelligent.

ESSERT Robotics develops innovative solutions for a technologically demanding environment

The company, founded by Christopher Essert in 2009, specializes in flexible robot systems and digital processes. As well as complete, customized solutions, special products and feasibility analyses, the company developed its own robot platform in 2018, which can be individually configured, easily parameterized and flexibly integrated into production and testing processes.


With the Advanced Robotics Workstation, the company intends to support its customers in a wide range of industries – including the pharmaceutical, automotive and manufacturing industries – with a product which enables various manual processes to be automated.


Managing director, Christopher Essert: "In consultations with customers, we have realized that there is a demand for such a system. As an innovation leader in the field of robot systems and digital processes, it is a great opportunity for us to offer our users added value that goes beyond the pure automation."

With this product, we differentiate ourselves with added value, which would not appear as such in the performance specification: modularity, flexibility, and cost advantages in operation.
Christopher Essert, managing director ESSERT GmbH
The solution in detail

Intelligent technology, intuitively packaged

The Advanced Robotics Workstation impresses users with its versatility: various types of robots, feed and discharge systems, simple positioning in the particular production environment – the possibilities are (almost) unlimited. Added to that, the system is very easy to use. With a tablet PC, the user can access intelligent applications for everyday processes, such as scanning labels, or apps with augmented reality and augmented content for maintenance and training.

The user can parameterize even complex processes without extensive training

The documents and data of the apps developed by ESSERT are stored in a cloud – "So all the contents are always up to date," explains Christopher Essert. Users can alternatively store the data locally if they do not want a cloud connection or it is difficult to implement in their application. Essert continued, "We offer our users maximum flexibility so that they can design their processes as efficiently as possible. It is important that we offer optimal support – so that users can simply pose a question through the tablet, which then connects them with our support. Documents, training videos, augmented content, and contact to the hotline are always available to users at the point of service."

Integrated system with industry-standard design

ESSERT implements the integration into the users' company and production networks with a SIMATIC S7-1500 controller located in the control cabinet of the workstation. Christopher Essert explains, "The tablet transfers relevant data, such as information from a scanned QR code, to the controller and from there, for example, to the user's ERP system – and it is recorded in the controller together with other machine data, such as quantities and cycle figures." The SIMATIC ITP1000 Tablet PC handles all the interactions between robot, workstation and employees. It is located in a docking station directly on the workstation and so it is always at hand. "From the tablet, the user can access our apps in the cloud via WLAN."

Customer benefits

Efficient and standardized energy management

In the SIMATIC ITP1000 Tablet PC, ESSERT Robotics found a solution for the interaction between human and workstation, which, on the one hand, is absolutely industry-compatible and, on the other hand, is very easy to use. Christopher Essert points out, "This product is rounded off with a large display, intuitive touch operation, and a highly reliable and powerful Core 5 Skylake CPU from Intel."

With the tablet PC, users always have all the information at hand

The SIMATIC ITP1000 Tablet PC pays off both for users and for ESSERT itself. "Thanks to the link to our contents and applications, we can offer better support to users. If there are any problems, the integrated camera can take an image or a video of the robot and send it to our service team. This helps to find faults fast." Thanks to its large 10-inch multitouch display and its powerful processor, the tablet PC can even transfer complex contents – "So we can not only make training videos available, but also incorporate customized contents, such as augmented content and live images. It is all very intuitive, which enables us to support users optimally directly on the workstation so that they can work more efficiently."


In everyday operation, the reliability of the tablet is impressive in comparison to other systems. Christopher Essert continues, "That it was developed for industrial use is shown by the ruggedness of the hardware, the long battery life, and the operating system. With other devices, we frequently suffered from the problem that the tablet froze and had to be rebooted. This no longer happens with the SIMATIC ITP1000 Tablet PC." His conclusion after the first months of use with various users is just as positive. "The device offers both ourselves and our users a good overall package. It is rugged and simply runs well."

Product highlights

Integrated portfolio for Industrie 4.0

The demands on modern machines and systems are increasing. With the automation systems from Siemens, users are consistently opting for efficiency, flexibility and cost-effectiveness – both for conventional automation tasks and for Industrie 4.0.