Precisely tailored solutions for mid-range machining centers

Machine builder Reichenbacher Hamuel has to adapt its CNC machining centers to the varied requirements of its customers from industry and handicraft businesses. The company is well equipped to do so thanks to a comprehensive solution based on SINUMERIC MC which allows them to offer a flexible selection of drives as well as individualized user interfaces and customized operating concepts.

Companies in the mid-range sector – such as handicraft businesses, for example – want to share in the advantages that automation has brought to industrial enterprises, including a customized offering, more efficient production, and efficient use of resources. Upgrading from manual production to CNC machining centers and automated workflows can be highly beneficial for companies that machine wood, stone, and glass. In the midrange-sector, machines are often called on to meet special requirements, as machine builder Reichenbacher Hamuel well knows.


A wide range of functions for handicraft businesses and a smooth entry into the world of CNC

CNC machining centers for the mid-range sector have to offer numerous functions to meet the wide-ranging needs of customers such as handicraft businesses. The machines have to produce flexibly and efficiently, and preprogrammed elements must be manufactured seamlessly and smoothly. Machining center operation also has to be simply designed and easy for employees to learn. All this must be offered at a cost-benefit ratio in line with market conditions.


CNC machines based on a modular concept

These are the challenges confronting Reichenbacher Hamuel, a company that supplies handicraft businesses and industry with CNC machining centers for machining plastic, light metals, composite materials, and wood. The globally active company located near Coburg, Germany, develops 5-axes machining centers for automobile and railway rolling stock manufacturers. Machine users can assemble their machines on a modular basis and configure them to meet their own individual needs.


Components work perfectly together with scalability

Reichenbacher Hamuel relies on a comprehensive automation package based on the new SINUMERIK MC. Thanks to the scalable options for combining components from the Siemens portfolio, the company is able to meet all its customers’ requirements. Above all, the connection of different SINAMICS drives and corresponding SIMOTICS motors makes it possible to align the CNC machining centers with customers’ special requests. For each requirement, there’s a perfect combination. This prevents machines from being oversized, which also has a positive effect on costs.

The assistance systems in TIA Portal help us to commission the SINAMICS S210 drives in our plants. Siemens provides lots of aids for find the optimal parameters for each drive
Dominik Langhojer, Head of Development, Software & Automation, Reichenbacher Hamuel
Customer benefits

Easy transition to automation

This solution made it possible, for example, to successfully support innbau-beton GmbH & Co. KG in Mettenheim, Germany, a company that manufactures precast concrete elements for residential and commercial construction. Complex elements are cast in formwork that formerly had to be produced manually. Now innbau-beton is using a CNC machining center for the first time – which is also why one of the requirements was that operation be made as simple as possible, so that it would be easier for first-time users to learn.

“Thanks to the intuitive user interface based on the familiar Windows operating system, we were quickly able to familiarize ourselves with the operating procedures,” reports Georg Wimmer, a machine operator at innbau-beton GmbH and Co. KG. Within a short period of time, the first concrete formwork was produced – faster and with higher precision than was previously possible. The open system allows subprograms that were created in the office to be seamlessly transferred for execution on the CNC machine.


Reichenbacher Hamuel and innbau-beton are happy to rely on Siemens. The machine builder can supply customized machining centers to companies where operations were previously manual, and innbau-beton can fulfill orders faster and at a higher quality level.

We purchased the machine with a view to boosting production. The benefit is that elements can be manufactured faster and with greater precision. Looking back, we’re extremely satisfied with the manufacturing process.
Georg Wimmer, machine operator at innbau-beton GmbH und Co. KG

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