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Siemens partners were quick to join the fight against the coronavirus

The unprecedented situation caused by the spread of the coronavirus calls for fast action and innovative solutions. In Brazil, one of the hardest-hit countries, GreyLogix a member of the Siemens Solution Partner Program made use of its competences, bringing advanced technology, expertise and the support of Siemens Experts together, to get the virus under control.

In late February, Brazil reported its first case of the novel coronavirus, confirming that the pandemic sweeping the world had also reached Latin America. Since then, the virus has spread rapidly and Brazil has recorded over a million confirmed cases, second only to the United States.


Even while the lockdowns came into effect in response to the pandemic, Siemens quickly launched several initiatives to help combat the virus in Brazil, drawing on the expertise offered by the Siemens Solution Partner Program. One member of the program is GreyLogix, which specializes in complete industrial automation systems, chiefly for the food and beverage, paper, and chemical industries. Despite having no previous experience in the health sector, GreyLogix took on the challenge of building respirators which are urgently needed to save lives.


Since the coronavirus jumped from a localized outbreak in Wuhan to a global pandemic, the limited supply of respirators has been one of the most pressing concerns for health authorities in many countries. In Brazil, the Ministry of Health estimates that around 60% of cities do not have respirators. And in the region of southern Brazil, where GreyLogix is based, it was clear that the rapid spread of infection meant there weren’t going to be nearly enough respirators to meet the needs of the local hospitals.


“We thought about whether GreyLogix could produce respirators for healthcare facilities in order to help meet demand,” explains Renato Leal, a GreyLogix executive. The company worked with doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists to ensure that the equipment would conform to medical requirements. Medical and clinical engineering teams from SOS Cardio Hospital in Florianópolis helped out by validating the results. The team also leveraged the National Industrial Training Service (SENAI) and SC Hospitalar company to help them carry out independent validation of the equipment.

A respirator ready for mass production

In just three weeks, GreyLogix developed a robust, modular, cost-effective ventilator capable of scalable production. The respirator integrates a number of Siemens products, including a touch-sensitive graphic display that allows medical staff to remotely visualize the patients’ oxygenation situation and make adjustments easily; a programmable logic controller that analyzes real-time data from the respirator, creating alerts and executing pre-programmed commands; and a power supply. The data can also be analyzed by physicians and nurses from a central station and not only at the patient's bedside, which speeds up care and reduces the possibility of error.


On top of the components for the development of prototypes, Siemens is also supplying products for final production at discounted prices and on an expedited schedule. The GreyLogix project is one example of how Siemens is helping to combat the coronavirus crisis.


“At Siemens, we believe we need to make real what really matters to society,” says Daniel Guimarães, executive of Siemens Factory Automation. “During the pandemic, supporting respirator projects has become one of the company’s priorities. GreyLogix emerged on the horizon as we were looking for initiatives focused on the new coronavirus crisis, where we could make a contribution. It is very gratifying to work with proposals that make a difference to people’s lives.”

At Siemens, we believe we need to make real what really matters to society. During the pandemic, supporting respirator projects has become one of the company’s priorities.
Daniel Guimarães, executive of Siemens Factory Automation
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For help in the coronavirus crisis, Siemens acted quickly and used its extensive Solution Partner Program. With their advanced technology and know-how, they are helping to bring the effects of the virus under control.