Chocolate producer has efficiency wrapped up

At RITTER SPORT, the German chocolate producer based in Waldenbuch near Stuttgart, sustainability is part of everyday life. With a comprehensive energy management system, the company is making an important contribution to greater energy efficiency.
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The challenge

Plant-wide energy transparency

At Waldenbuch, RITTER SPORT had already installed energy meters, although they were not integrated into a structured system for plant-wide energy management. The company wanted to remedy this situation with a new solution for energy management.

Transparency as the first step toward greater energy efficiency

At RITTER SPORT, sustainability begins with the selection of raw materials – but continues far beyond this. Among other things, the company has been operating its own combined heat and power (CHP) plant since 2002. Since its upgrade in 2016, the combined heat and power plant, with an output of 9.9 million kilowatt hours, now meets about a third of the total power demand and 70 percent of heating requirements. In addition, the company has set ambitious targets for energy efficiency, according to Eberhard Pfeifer, staffing scheduler at Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG: "We have resolved to make energy savings of 1.5 percent every year." To this end, the company was looking for a modern solution to energy management, not only to meet ISO 50001 requirements, but also to track down hidden potential in the production. Pfeifer continues: "For us, that is also the first step toward knowing how much energy is invested in every single bar of chocolate."


Quality. Chocolate. Squared.

When Alfred Eugen Ritter and Clara Ritter, née Göttle, established their chocolate and confectionery factory on Innere Moltkestrasse in the Stuttgart district of Bad Cannstatt in 1912, they were laying the foundation for the long history of RITTER SPORT chocolate. The square chocolate bar design that is so familiar today was devised by Clara Ritter as long ago as 1932. Today this medium-sized, family-owned company employs about 1 500 people and posted sales of 482 million euros in 2017. Every day, more than three million colorfully packaged bars leave the factory in Waldenbuch, from where they are exported to more than 100 countries worldwide.

Top quality chocolate

RITTER SPORT makes the claim that each of the many varieties of chocolate it produces is the best in its class – and for the company this means that raw materials and production processes must be of consistently high quality. In order that consumers can enjoy every bar, RITTER SPORT also attaches great importance to sustainable raw materials and environmentally friendly packaging – and have done this for a long time. Since 1990, RITTER SPORT in collaboration with CACAO-NICA has supported small farmers in Nicaragua in the sustainable cultivation of cocoa. Since 2012 RITTER SPORT has been setting up its own, sustainable cocoa plantation in Nicaragua, and as of this year the company has become the first major chocolate producer to have switched to certifiably sustainable cocoa for its entire product range. For this reason, Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG was also awarded the German Sustainability Prize 2018 in the "medium-sized business" category. In the view of the jury of experts, the manufacturer of the famous RITTER SPORT chocolate is "an outstanding example of how sustainability can be designed into the entire value chain from cocoa farming through to packaging."

We are convinced that only a sustainably managed company can have a secure future.
Alfred T. Ritter, owner and chairman of the advisory board of Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG

Solution for energy and production data

A SIMATIC system recently began recording the consumption data from production, the technical building systems and power generation for the purpose of energy data management. This enables RITTER SPORT to analyze its energy data in detail and thus have a reliable basis for further efficiency measures and the optimization of its processes.

SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO ensures transparency

The SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO energy management system not only records the data from production, but also the energy data from the Desigo Insight building management system. The measured values are recorded directly from the systems in production. Siemens also supported RITTER SPORT with the commissioning of the system and training of personnel. Thanks to the excellent and user-friendly structure of the system, in future RITTER SPORT will be able to carry out its own expansions and modifications without any assistance. In future, measured values will also be recorded directly from the production systems using SIMATIC S7-1200 and 1500 controllers as well as SIMATIC AI Energy Meters. Furthermore, RITTER SPORT will install SENTRON PAC measuring devices in order to integrate additional measuring points into the system. 

Customer benefits

Versatile, comprehensive and intuitive

The versatility and simple operation of the system convinced Benjamin Flaig, energy manager at Alfred RITTER SPORT GmbH & Co. KG, from the very start. He has is also thoroughly convinced by the results of the project: "My slogan is: energy efficiency is intelligent laziness. The SIMATIC Energy Manager fits this definition well, because you can really achieve a lot with very little effort."

Transparency of production and energy data

With the SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO, RITTER SPORT now has a system that not only facilitates energy management in compliance with ISO 50001, but also enables data from the widest range of sources to be recorded and linked. In this way the company can establish a relationship between consumption values and production data and thus gain a detailed insight into which processes are consuming how much energy. This enables the company to discover hidden potential and further increase its energy efficiency. As Benjamin Flaig added: "What fascinated us about SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO from the start was not only the easy data management, but also the attractive visualization options and open layout of reports. With this system we have created a level of transparency that now allows us to identify the main energy consumers and we also know where we must pay more attention to detail and where we must investigate further."


Measure, record, visualize

SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO is part of the SIMATIC Energy Management portfolio and makes it possible, in interaction with measuring devices and automation components, to record, evaluate and visualize energy and production data from the widest variety of sources and on various levels.

SIMATIC Energy Manager

  • Get the benefits of a powerful energy management system
  • Present energy flows in a transparent form and assign them to the relevant consumers
  • Assess the implementation of efficiency measures
  • Optimize your energy procurement
  • Compare your energy efficiency across different sites and plants
  • SIMATIC Energy Manager Basic - a simple way of getting started with energy management.
  • SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO - for the analysis of complex energy data
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