Flexible machine financing

Machines are getting smart, and now the same can be said of financing. With Smart Performance Finance, Siemens has developed the first pay-per-use financing concept that is linked to the cloud.

Lease payments are based on the performance of the financed machine. The data on how the machine is used comes straight from MindSphere. This gives both manufacturers and users a great deal of transparency about the use and performance of their machines. Users also benefit from calculable variable costs when investing in Industrie 4.0.

Two different calculation and contract models are available: Finance Lease and Operate Lease. Among others, the Hommel Group, a leading retailer of machine tools, and WFL Millturn Technologies, a well-known manufacturer of multifunctional turning-boring-milling centers, are already using the new financing concept.

Interested? Find out more in the new whitepaper "pay-per-use" here!



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