Cloud-based pump solution is setting new standards

In a pilot project for condition monitoring, Danish pump manufacturer Grundfos and Siemens are setting new standards in the food and beverage industry. A digital, cloud-based solution enables food processing company Danish Crown to monitor motors, pumps, and systems, and use plant data for process optimization.

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It’s all happening in production facilities in the process industry, where liquids, gases, and other substances are transported and processed, and powerful pumps are deployed.


As one of the leading manufacturers in this field, Grundfos is putting digitalization to good use as it seeks opportunities to make improvements. New, digital services offer great potential, improving plant availability and efficiency, and ensuring improved sustainability and power of innovation in production.

Smart, digital system monitoring

A pilot project with Danish Crown shows the actual form this takes for the first time. The experts from Grundfos and Siemens developed a state-of-the-art motor pump system with Internet of Things (IoT) functions for the Danish food processing company, where the drive system for a hot water pump used for cleaning the systems is monitored digitally. 


“That means we can now tell at an early stage if a pump has any impending problems,” says Mikael Wulsten, Department Manager at Danish Crown. “So we can perform the actual maintenance work outside of normal production hours.”

Improved efficiency forproduction – and the environment

This innovative solution includes many components from the Siemens Digital Enterprise portfolio, including standard sensor technology, and control and management solutions. Then there is the ability to transfer data reliably to MindSphere, the leading industrial IoT as a service solution from Siemens, and an app to evaluate system condition data. The pumps themselves come from Grundfos. 


“We see intelligent motor/pump systems as vital to making production processes even more efficient and cost-effective,” says Søren Bro, Chief Digital Strategist at Grundfos. “Moreover, wide-ranging information such as that supplied by our app creates a basis for process improvements at all levels.” 


This includes condition-based maintenance, for example, and predictive maintenance, and the transparent operating data helps substantially reduce unplanned pump and motor outages. These process and technology improvements also assist with long-term plant operation by having a positive impact on energy efficiency and the associated costs. The integrated solution from Siemens thus enables responsible use of resources like energy and water, and also plays a key role in improving environmental efficiency.

Trend-setting project and ambitious goals

Bro confirms: “Our entire sector stands to profit from the new opportunities offered by digitalization.” Specifically, he sees the greatest benefits of the new, Cloud-based condition monitoring in making the task of plant monitoring easier. Digitalization thus helps customers digitalize their plant management systems in a way that suits their own individual needs. The solution and the associated digital services also simplify pump leasing as well as fleet and service management.

We want to pass on our know-how and experience in the field of pump systems to give our customers real added value in connection with digitalization. 
Søren Bro, Chief Digital Strategist, Grundfos

“Grundfos aims to establish digitalization at a fast pace in the pump sector, which will benefit many areas of industry and infrastructure. Our digital solution is therefore a trendsetting solution,” Bro comments, adding, “We want to pass on our know-how and experience in the field of pump systems to give our customers real added value in connection with digitalization.”

From cooperation to strategic partnership

It’s an approach that is also based on close partnership with Siemens. “We’re able to draw on 20 years of joint, innovative project work, and together we’re setting the course for a digital environment in industry and infrastructure with all the associated benefits,” Bro sums up. 

The existing collaboration between Siemens and Grundfos didn’t develop into a strategic partnership until the end of September. The new partnership focuses on the complementary products and solutions provided by both parties in three main areas: water and wastewater applications, industrial automation and building technology.

Both parties are entering into this partnership with the aim of achieving sustainable global change by joining forces in digital solutions. By combining their complementary expertise and knowledge in a long-term co-development digital partnership, both Siemens and Grundfos will benefit customers in the future by creating synergies that extend beyond the sum of their parts. 

Grundfos is a Danish pump manufacturer. With 83 member companies, it is directly represented in 56 countries, and also has a presence in further countries via partner, sales, and contract dealer networks. With an annual output of around 16 million pumps, Grundfos is a global leader in pump manufacture. The company also builds electric motors and electronic control systems for pumps. Grundfos was established in Bjerringbro, Denmark, in 1945 by Poul Due Jensen, and currently has a workforce of about 19,280. The Poul Due Jensen Foundation is the majority shareholder in the company.

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