Workshop for 100,000 varieties 

The world’s first intelligent workshop pilot with cloud manufacturing capabilities in the precision electronics component industry is up and running in Guiyang in southern China. The proud owner of the lean and flexible production facility is CASIC, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation. The production efficiency of the factory is expected to increase by 50 percent.  

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The workshop produces electronic components that can be used in industries like aerospace, aviation, and electronics. These components take ever-changing forms and structures with different application objects, frequencies, powers, and application environments. Therefore, the biggest challenge for GSA in Guiyang is to meet the demand of the aerospace industry for multi-variety, small-batch, and customized products and to produce them efficiently.


“We usually receive more than 6,000 batches of orders every month, 70 percent of which are for fewer than nine products,” says Liu Linlin, Intelligent Manufacturing General Manager of GSA, about the challenge of producing in small batches.

Consultation and Digital Enterprise solutions

The workshop was developed by CASICloud and Guizhou Space Appliance (GSA), two subsidiaries of the CASIC group, with the support of Siemens. The pilot project began with Digital Enterprise consultancy.

With Digital Enterprise solutions, Siemens built a digital twin of intelligent manufacturing throughout the entire lifecycle of the workshop, which enabled end-to-end integration. In addition to the consultation, Siemens provided Digital Enterprise solutions including hardware like the PLC Simatic S7-1500 and software like TIA Portal, MOM, and Teamcenter.


CASICloud applied its expertise with industrial internet platforms and cloud manufacturing. Based on INDICS (Industrial Internet Cloud Space) + CMSS (Cloud Manufacturing Support System), the workshop realized a collaborative design, intelligent production scheduling, and industrial big data analysis.


GSA built a networked intelligent production line that allows flexible assembly and intelligent precision detection. These kinds of innovative business models, technologies, and management drove the enterprise development.

Integration throughout the value chain

The manufacturing is integrated on all three levels of production. The vertical integration guarantees that data flows from the ERP (enterprise resource planning) system to the MOM (manufacturing operations management) system. Integration is also guaranteed from design to service. And finally, the horizontal integration insures that all involved parties – from suppliers to customers – work together seamlessly.

We’re beginning to move ahead with intelligent manufacturing.
Chen Zhenyu, President, Guizhou Space Appliance (GSA)

Production efficiency to double

The intelligent manufacturing pilot project has achieved leaps and bounds in all respects. Its production efficiency is expected to increase by 50 percent. The rate of non-conforming products is predicted to drop by 56 percent, operations costs by 21 percent, and time-to-market by 30 percent.



Talent development was another prominent achievement. The skill sets of the people involved in this project developed rapidly. GSA set up a new department especially for intelligent manufacturing. Lyu Jiangtao, a Software Engineer at GSA, participated in building the pilot project and has grown to become Manager in charge of Intelligent Manufacturing. Many of the talents trained for this project are now taking lead roles in other intelligent manufacturing projects.

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