On, off, stop

Switches have to work – even in a hot, greasy, or wet environment. An appealing design and highly efficient installation are gaining in importance when choosing from our switch ranges, depending on the their specific use.

In the industrial field, in laboratories, and in test stations, command and signaling devices make things happen. Sophisticated technologies ensure the desired function is performed when the switch is turned or pressed.


Airborne dust, alkaline splashes, extreme heat, cold, or heavy moisture from strong jets of water: Switches in the new Sirius Act series can even withstand these harsh conditions. The plastic and steel models both fully comply with the IP69K protection rating. A flat metal version, for example, provides especially good protection from lateral impacts while also fitting well into the plant or workplace design. Design considerations should not be underestimated as customers pay more and more attention to design and product appearance.

Functionality and sophisticated design

The same applies for a provider of workplace and test systems. “Esthetics and visual appeal are important elements in our laboratory benches, in addition to function and price,” says Sven Feigl, head of marketing at Elabo GmbH in Crailsheim, a euromicron Group company. With about 160 employees, the company develops, builds, and delivers several thousand laboratory benches every year.  The basic modular design is adapted to suit specific customer requirements and is equipped with measurement and test engineering solutions, software – and the specified command and signaling switch solutions.

At Elabo the four design lines in the Sirius Act series very closely matched the company’s requirements as it continued ongoing modernization. For example, the flat design with a matte metal finish even more strongly brings out the elegance and simplicity of the design. But there was a lot more that went into Elabo choosing this portfolio.

Our laboratory bench systems are very sophisticated technologically and so are suitable for a wide range of applications.
Sven Feigl, Head of Marketing, Elabo GmbH

Fast installation saves time and money

Elabo was very impressed by the innovative plug-in system for the switches, which deliver immediate savings in both time and money. In addition, installation can be easily carried out by one person, where previously two people were required. Only a 22 mm groove-free milled hole is required to install the pushbutton and switch. The control unit is simply inserted from the front and the holder snapped on from behind with one hand, with no need to press from the other side. Reliable anti-twist protection lug is included in the inserted component,  allowing installation at an angle, too. 


“Compared to the system previously used in the laboratory, installing the Siemens solution is noticeably easier,” says Sven Riederer from electronics development at Elabo. A triple holder is sufficient for most pushbuttons, indicator lights, and switches because up to three contact or LED modules can be placed side by side and two contact modules behind each other. Cascading allows the easy configuration of customized command and/or signaling devices. Connection of modules is fail-safe even with stacked contact modules.

This solution allows us to simplify and speed up our day-to-day tasks – even in the assembly areas.
Michael Falk, Head of Corporate Purchasing, Elabo GmbH

The very latest features

Purchasing and warehousing can be substantially streamlined by stocking a sufficient volume of command and signaling devices from a single product series, from one manufacturer. All accessory components, including those on the rear panel, are mutually compatible and make it much easier to satisfy specific customer requirements. 


In addition, thanks to enterprise-wide standardization, all employees are now familiar with the new Sirius Act products and can support each other during peak production periods. “This  is how we’re simplifying and speeding up our day-to-day tasks – even in the assembly areas,” says Falk.

For the laboratory bench systems are not just used at universities and educational institutions; other versions are also used in industry testing and assembly environments.  There switch solutions include lighting and individual markings or even emergency stop buttons with LED illumination. 


One highlight is the electronic ID key-operated switch features five colors for indicating various switching or authorization steps – as an alternative to the conventional mechanical key switch.  As Falk explains: “This is an interesting feature that shows our solutions are state-of-the-art and also reflects the trend toward greater networking in line with Industrie 4.0.”

A perfect technical and optical solution

The Sirius Act command and signaling devices from Siemens have been used in Elabo laboratory bench systems since the summer of 2017 and will be installed in all equipment throughout the company. “This will allow us to achieve end-to-end integration across all system solutions and reflects the sophisticated nature of our measurement, testing, and teaching systems at both technically and in terms of their appearance,” says Sven Feigl.  The fact that Sirius Act can also be connected using AS-Interface, IO-link, and Profibus creates opportunities for many more ideas.

Picture credits: Siemens AG/W. Geyer


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