PLM Software in motorsports: It’s all about speed 

The digital twin is key to making effective, data-driven changes at a rapid pace, and thus, to create the fastest car for the changing requirements of different race tracks. Siemens is partnering with some of the world’s top motorsport teams to help them to leverage the latest technologies in design, analysis and production. 

Speed is the essence of both – racing and manufacturing. The first car to the finish line wins, so it is the responsibility of every crew member – including those who work at team headquarters designing and building parts and systems – to do whatever they can to help making the cars go faster. Engineers, designers and machinists work year-round, improving and refining their team cars’ engine and drive train performance, fabricating parts and systems, and responding to rule changes from racing governing bodies.

Newtechnologies for the competitive edge

By adopting new technologies, race teams are able to gain a competitive edge on the track. New technologies in the area of laminate composites, Additive Manufacturing and analysis of multi-domain solutions are allowing them the ability to drive innovation. 

Siemens PLM Software helps racing teams achieve their goal of making cars go faster by providing a variety of tools to help users get up-to-speed on using its software systems. Siemens Teamcenter technologies are helping teams keep large amounts of data well organized and accessible for review by anyone within the team, and also enables engineers to quickly iterate through design concepts with the digital twin to arrive at near-optimum solutions within a high-intensity, short timeframe environment. 

HendrickMotorsports: a digital race

“There is a digital race that takes place far before every other race track,” Hendrick Motorsports’ driver Jimmie Johnson says. “Engineering is the corner stone of performance in motorsports.” With his No. 48 Chevrolet Johnson is seven-time NASCAR Champion

“Our biggest thing here is managing change. Our business changes so rapidly,” adds Jim Wall, Director of Engine Programs at Hendrick Motorsport: “To reinvent yourself every week, from one race to the next is basically what we have to do. The key benefit the Siemens software products give us is the speed of response to make a competitive change, to fix problems and to create more performance at the race track in a very tight window of time.” 

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing: speed counts

"Formula One is a development race and the speed at which we are able to iterate and develop the car is vitally important to performance on the track," says Dan Watkins, Head of CAD and PLM at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. "We have been able, with Siemens' help, to optimize the systems and the processes that we use to underpin the design changes needed in order to ultimately deliver performance on the track."

Renault Sport Formula One Team: designing innovation

“A Formula One car is a constantly evolving prototype and we need to deploy innovation on this car on a weekly basis,” says Luca Mazzocco, Head of Technical Partnerships in the Renault Sport Formula One Team. “Our ability to disrupt ourselves and to design innovation down to manufacturing is absolutely key to success.” And adds: “A technical partnership is a lot more than a simple supply. With Siemens we have found a technical partner that has the same passion for innovation and for the challenge and definitely somebody who can support us.” 

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