CAE Software: Seamless data handling

Standardized data handling is essential to efficient, future-proof plant management in the process industry, as in other sectors. The Comos CAE software solution provides companies with seamless flows of relevant data.

Transferring data from one system to another is always a challenge in large-scale projects. Although the data are digitalized, conflicts occur between individual functional areas and the software tools they use: for example, when a data transfer between process engineering and instrumentation and control functions is required. Standardized data handling means higher engineering quality, less labor commitment, and shorter project runtimes. It does, however, also demand standardized interfaces.


The Comos CAE software solution from Siemens provides the basis for cross-company concepts and unified plant management throughout the lifecycle of process plant. The unified data platform provided by the software enables plant designers and operators to implement seamless flows of project-related data across all corporate levels and throughout all project phases. Consistent lifecycle engineering optimally interlinks planning and operational functions, resulting in efficient workflows and high productivity and product quality.

The data exchange standard


Version 10.2 of the CAE software solution was launched in spring of 2016, and it has been upgraded particularly in terms of improved interoperability and user-friendliness. New and improved interfaces permit faster data exchange with external applications. Using the eCl@ss Advanced 9.x standard to compare the product data from different providers and importing it into Comos complete with documentation. Document metadata can be synchronized between Comos and the Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Teamcenter software.

Comos Process 2D makes P&IDs more user-friendly, enables custom views to be created, and means project progress can be recorded more quickly and easily.
Marcus Elo, Produktmanager for Comos Process 2D

New solutions for plant operations 


In the Comos Operations area, resource planning and process visu­alization for plant maintenance procedures have been enriched with PERT diagrams. With the Comos Walkinside 3D Virtual Reality Viewer, the new program version also enables project and status checking directly in the 3D model based on color-coding and object isolation. This means that all the project stakeholders have a continuously updated overview of the status of a plant or ongoing project. And last but not least, connectivity to Oculus Rift Virtual Reality 3D glasses enables an even more immersive engagement in realistic training scenarios.

Innovation in detail


A range of features and wizards in the new program version assist users in their day-to-day opera­tion of the software. New symbols in object libraries and object ­color-­coding in P&IDs provide an improved overview. As Comos ­Process 2D Product Manager Marcus Elo summarizes: “The new features make P&IDs more user-friendly, enable custom views to be created – for example for revisions or printouts – and allow project progress to be recorded more quickly and easily.” The Brownfield Loop Wizard also provides great assistance in the electrical engineering of existing installations. Planning data and supplier information can be inte­grated into Comos via dialog boxes and made available for further editing. This permits the efficient handling of inventory data when planning upgrades and plant revisions.


The software solution Comos provides the customary powerful performance of a global colla­boration platform for consistent data management throughout the lifecycle of plants in the process industry, featuring even greater levels of interoperability and user-friendliness.



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