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Beer has been brewed at the Feldschlösschen brewery in Rheinfelden, Switzerland, since 1876. During this period its beautiful headquarters, reminiscent of a grand castle, has been continuously expanded and upgraded. Numerous fire detection systems are in place to protect the building, and they are currently being modernized and expanded step by step.

Rheinfelden is the headquarters of Feldschlösschen, the leading brewery and largest beverage distributor in Switzerland. The extensive site with over a dozen buildings is known for its imposing, castle-like architecture. Many of the buildings were constructed during the late nineteenth century and have been repeatedly expanded or upgraded. Reliably protecting such a site from fire is therefore a major challenge.


A fire would have far-reaching consequences, particularly in case of production downtime. The Feldschlösschen brewery therefore maintains its own fire crew, with around 20 employees and three vehicles, tasked with bringing any potential incidents under control. Over 2,000 fire detectors and 17 central fire alarm systems from Siemens ensure reliable fire detection and protection. The complex system has grown in multiple stages over the years, and consists of newer and older systems that are now being modernized step by step.

Networking the systems

For Andreas Sulser, Chief of the fire crew at Feldschlösschen, it was clear that the modernization should not be carried out by simply replacing fire detectors like for like: “From the outset we wanted a step-by-step modernization and optimization of the systems. Our goal is to end up with a simpler structure with fewer central systems that are more closely networked.” With these clear aims in mind, he contacted Sales Engineer Rudolf Poredos from Siemens Switzerland. Together they drew up a complete site plan and identified where the detectors and central systems are installed and when they need to be replaced. They also determined which central systems will be linked and what information will be distributed to other central systems via connecting cables.

From the outset we wanted a step-by-step modernization and optimization of the systems.
Andreas Sulser, Chief of the fire crew at Feldschlösschen

For Andreas Sulser, the functionality of a system is crucial. That was one reason why making a decision about the new system involved a long process. “First I learned about the Sinteso networked fire protection system at a security expo. Seeing the fire laboratory of Siemens in Zug showed me how reliable it is. But what really convinced me was when I visited a project and heard the operator talk about it in such positive terms,” explains Sulser.


The longer-term approach based on forward planning provides the foundation for the final expansion. “When the time comes for a revision of AlgoRex detectors, we don’t replace them like for like, we take the opportunity to upgrade to Sinteso technology. This lays the groundwork for the future,” explains Andreas Sulser. An installation standard was defined for the service technicians on site to ensure that implementation proceeds smoothly when dealing with such a large system.

Rapid assistance when lightning strikes

Andreas Sulser has only good things to say about the cooperation with Siemens over many years, and he is ready with an example: “When a fire detection system was damaged by a lightning strike late one Friday afternoon, replacement parts had to be delivered quickly. After I called Siemens a service technician came, and by 9 p.m. the system was fully functional again. This reliability, even in difficult situations, is something I really value.” A question for the future is the possibility of integrating Sinteso Mobile, which allows the system to be accessed remotely via smartphone or tablet.

Feldschlösschen Getränke AG, headquartered in Rheinfelden, is the leading brewery and the largest beverage distributor in Switzerland. The company was founded in 1876 and has 1,300 employees at 21 locations. With a range of over 40 of its own brand name Swiss beers and a broad beverage portfolio ranging from mineral water and soft drinks to wine, Feldschlösschen supplies 25,000 customers in catering, retail and wholesale. It has an annual beverage production of over 340 million liters.


Pictures: Feldschlösschen Getränke AG

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