2022: Staying secure in light of new cyberthreats

Cybersecurity at Siemens

How can you stay secure in light of new cyberthreats? Siemens CCSO Natalia Oropeza and guests have the answers. Find out more below – in our videos.

Cyber threats have become part of our daily lives.  At the same time, they change almost daily, such that we can’t always predict what they are and when they occur. By all means, we need to be prepared to deal with any incident, whether its SolarWinds, Log4J, or others we’re not yet aware of.

To provide us with an overview of the latest developments in cybersecurity, Natalia Oropeza, CCSO at Siemens, has a keynote on, among other things, the importance of OT security, Zero Trust, and how organizations, such as the Charter of Trust, help companies fend off attackers. 

Furthermore, in a panel discussion, Natalia Oropeza, Michael Metzler, VP Horizontal Management Cybersecurity at Siemens Digital Industries, as well as Christoph Peylo, SVP Digital Trust at Bosch, talk about this question in depth and share their professional perspectives. Both sessions got recorded at the Hanover Fair in June 2022. 

Sebastian Webel

June 2022