We have to be faster than the hackers!

What motivates Siemens’ CCSO Natalia Oropeza to protect Siemens and its products as much as possible from cyber-threats, day in and day out? 

How can the continuously increasing risks of the digital world be kept at bay as much as possible in our globally connected company that operates around the world? Natalia Oropeza is the woman who has been providing us with an answer to that question day in and day out since beginning of 2018. As Chief Cybersecurity Officer, she, her team and a huge global network of cybersecurity experts within Siemens are responsible for the worldwide cybersecurity of Siemens and its products.

But who is this person, where did she get her passion for technology and why does she think cybersecurity at Siemens is special? Find out in our video.

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