Innovative, flexible, vigilant: Cybersecurity at Siemens

Webcast with 4 Episodes

Nothing and no one is safe from their attacks: industry, administration and critical infrastructures worldwide are increasingly under attack from hackers. In a series of four webcasts, Siemens experts talk about the risks posed by such intruders and the strategies that can be used to repel them. Here you will find part 1 - and thus exciting panels that show how Siemens is positioning itself against the dangers from the net.

Hackers continuously find new ways to attack industrial facilities and infrastructures. Security experts use sophisticated defensive weaponry to fend off these attacks. Siemens applies a holistic and adaptable form of cyberdefense – one based on expertise, vigilance, innovative products and global alliances. During four interviews, cybersecurity experts at Siemens will show how the company tackles this challenge. In den vier folgenden Gesprächen zeigen die Cybersecurity-Experten von Siemens, wie das Unternehmen diese Herausforderung annimmt. Have fun watching.

Armed against Danger: Cybersecurity for Siemens Customers

Ransomware attacks bring factories and pipelines to a standstill, cost companies millions and tarnish their images. But companies can protect themselves: Cedrik Neike, a member of Siemens AG’s Managing Board, and Natalia Oropeza, Chief Cybersecurity Officer at Siemens AG, will explore the steps that companies have to take if they want to prevent cyberattacks – and the support role that Siemens can play in the process.

We’re helping Siemens, Customers – and hopefully the World

Cybersecurity boils down to something more than technically ingenious lines of defense. Cybersecurity is created by teams that are dedicated to one goal: protecting companies and society. Natalia Oropeza, the Chief Cybersecurity Officer at Siemens, will explain the motivations behind her work.

Siemens Cybersecurity Services: always one step ahead

In its battle against cybercriminals, Siemens is devising new tactics, measures and products to protect itself and its customers. Cybersecurity experts discuss how Siemens does this here.

Charter of Trust: strong together

Industrial cybersecurity is a job that no company can do by itself. The Charter of Trust is a cross industries and global alliance in which members learn from best-practice examples and promote standards and regulations. Stefan Saatmann and Pino Gonzalez will discuss the alliance’s top priorities.