Cybersecurity in Industry – Risks and Strategies


Nothing and no one is safe from their attacks: industry, administration and critical infrastructures worldwide are increasingly under attack from hackers. In a series of four webcasts, Siemens experts talk about the risks posed by such intruders and the strategies that can be used to repel them. Here you will find part 4: Cybersecurity in Industry.

Factories and critical infrastructure have turned into lucrative targets for hackers. Nonetheless, there are still some companies that don’t face the increased threat in an adequate way. In the process, they fail to remember one thing: It is not a question of whether they will be attacked, only when. Production technology can be protected and attackers driven off if the right strategies and technologies are employed. In this webcast, four Siemens experts discuss the key weapons that can be used in this battle.

Protecting Factories with the Defense & Depth Concept

The infamous Stuxnet security incident from 2010 was a wake-up call for the whole industry : It showed how vulnerable industrial plants are against cyberattacks. Industrial companies have been taking the issue of cybersecurity more seriously ever since – but as the cyber-threats increase steadily, due to more connectivity and data, there is still a lot to do. Siemens expert Franz Koebinger explains how companies can protect themselves: by employing the defense & depth concept, a multi layer protective wall.

Cyberprotection of Production Technologies

A line of cyberdefense has to be set up in every level of production to get an effective protection. Axel Lorenz explains how companies can also use integrated security functions and capabilities of automation systems to establish a complete and holistic security concept for OT.

Cybersecurity in Industrial Networks

IT and OT are networked today, a fact that increases the chance of an attack. Companies have to secure their networks by applying concepts like network segmentation and zero trust. Maximilian Korff and Claus Fuchs discuss a few best-practice examples and offer some advice to companies about the approach they should take.

Industrial Security Services

Only a few companies purchase their production technology from a single source. Stefan Woronka knows what companies should do in both technical and organization terms to secure their complex production operations.

Cybersecurity for the Digital Enterprise

Would you like to learn more about cybersecurity in industry? Then we have another panel for you!


The rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as the convergence of OT and IT has increased the cyber-risks for industrial plants and machines. OT/IT converge means more connectivity, more data, but therefore also new cyber-risks. Industrial Cybersecurity needs to reduce the attack surface concerning cyberthreats to protect a company’s intellectual property (IP), sensitive data and to avoid plant standstills or production loss. The Security experts Stefan Woronka and Franz Köbinger explain how this can be achieved in alignment with industry standards, best practices and customers’ security objectives.