Cybersecurity: Safeguarding our Digital World

A Siemens' Webcast Series

Nothing and no one is safe from their attacks: industry, administration and critical infrastructures worldwide are increasingly under attack from hackers. In a series of four webcasts, Siemens experts will talk about the risks posed by such intruders and the strategies that can be used to repel them. The webcasts are designed for public- and private-sector managers, but also for everybody interested in the field of Cybersecurity. They require no particular IT knowledge.

Can you imagine if a hacker attack shut down your local hospital, industrial plants and machines, or stopped public transport, you are using every day? Cybersecurity is an essential piece in keeping critical infrastructure and communities operating as intended. This need is bringing together industrial companies from across the globe to raise cybersecurity standards and make the world a more secure place.


To show you what this looks like, we put together an informative as well as engaging webcast for you: four different episodes focused on Siemens’ holistic approach to cybersecurity, and cybersecurity at Siemens’ companies Mobility, Digital Industries and Smart Infrastructure. Each consisting of four different panels with some of the best and brightest in cybersecurity that Siemens has to offer. Or with other words: One moderator, four episodes, 16 panels and 30 top cybersecurity experts from Siemens.

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