Securely riding the Rails: Cybersecurity for Railways 

Cybersecurity at Siemens

Nothing and no one is safe from their attacks: industry, administration and critical infrastructures worldwide are increasingly under attack from hackers. In a series of four webcasts, Siemens experts talk about the risks posed by such intruders and the strategies that can be used to repel them. Here you will find part 3 which shows how Siemens Mobility is partnering with rail operators to manage and minimize their security risks.

The WannaCry attack in 2017 demonstrated that rail traffic equipment can also be targeted by hackers. Risks are also rising as trains and infrastructure are becoming increasingly digitalized and networked. Siemens takes this seriously and is applying a holistic security approach that extends throughout the entire life cycle. In four presentations, experts from Siemens Mobility will show how they are partnering with rail operators to manage and minimize their security risks.

Fortress on Wheels: Cybersecure Train Travel

Hackers are increasingly setting their sights on rail infrastructures. Some operators do not take the issue seriously enough. Together with Devina Pasta, CDO Siemens Mobility, Christian Paulsen and Zoran Memic of Siemens Mobility discuss the risks that train operators face and promising defensive strategies.

A risk-based Approach for cybersecure Trains

How can you protect a train from a hacker? By applying a risk-based approach, says Siemens expert Krishna Pandit. TÜV SÜD agrees and certified Siemens – as the only manufacturer – according to IEC 62443. Krishna Pandit’s talk will explore the key aspects of this concept. 

Paradigm Shift in Rail Infrastructure

In the past, interlockings were mechanical. No more. Software will soon account for two-thirds of rail infrastructure. Siemens’ CoreShield technology will hamper hackers’ ability to take advantage of this. The Siemens experts Andres Gonzalez and Roua Sboui report on how this technology is being used in current customer projects.

Cybersecurity – today and in 30 years

Siemens supports its railroad customers throughout the entire life cycle of a train and its infrastructure. That also applies to cybersecurity. The experts Swantje Weiss and Michael Dietz demonstrate ways to keep aging systems up to date and discuss Siemens’ services.