Meet DeepHow, the Siemens Start-up

Last year, Next47 partnered with global startup accelerator Techstars to foster entrepreneurship within Siemens. Two teams of Siemens employees, EcoG and RealSynth, temporarily left their jobs in Germany to participate in the 2017 Detroit Mobility and New York IoT programs. This year, Next47 is again partnering with Techstars and is excited to introduce DeepHow, the team chosen for the Detroit program.

DeepHow aims to bridge the skills gap in manufacturing, service and repair through an AI-powered just-in-time learning platform based on interactive how-to videos.  The core of the DeepHow solution is an AI apprentice called Stephanie that can help capture experts’ know-how and build up an enterprise knowledge repository. In addition, Stephanie can help create step-by-step and interactive how-to videos, which can be used to teach and train these skilled trades and help speed up the learning curve.


An earlier version of DeepHow’s product has already been deployed across more than 30 Siemens service centers worldwide to streamline service and manufacturing operations. The first version of the product’s key benefits include a 38 percent reduction in the time needed for the whole inspection workflow, fewer errors and re-work, consistent processes and quality, reduced training requirements and improved user experiences. 

Founder Story

The founders of DeepHow, Sam Zheng (CEO) and Patrik Matos da Silva (CPO), have been working together for nearly a decade. Before Techstars, the two were long-time Siemens Healthineers and former Corporate Technology employees and produced many impactful projects together, including an innovative eye typing solution for Professor Stephen Hawking and a variety of Siemens and government-funded initiatives, which resulted in multiple award-winning products, patents and inventions.

Our team is fully committed. Techstars is a truly transformative, life-changing experience that we’re thrilled to be a part of.

Along with their DeepHow teammate Wei-Liang Kao (Chief Engineer), Sam and Patrick are currently knee deep in the Techstars program, meeting with more than two hundred mentors in several weeks, speaking with venture capitalists and angel investors, and connecting with companies like Ford to discuss potential pilot programs.  In fact, just a couple of weeks into the Techstars program, DeepHow has already started a pilot project with Detroit Bikes, the largest bike manufacture in the U.S., to capture experts’ know-how, build up the knowledge repository, and speed up the training and onboarding of new technicians.

Looking Ahead

On October 9, DeepHow will participate in Demo Day, a culmination of the three-month Techstars program, where each participating team will pitch its company to a room full of hundreds of investors, influencers, entrepreneurs and media.


Sam says, “Building a successful startup is very hard, and leaving the corporate culture of Siemens and all its resources behind is challenging. But our team is fully committed. Techstars is a truly transformative, life-changing experience that we’re thrilled to be a part of.”


Sabrina Guttman

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