Research in the ecosystem

A new way of cooperation

Siemens establishes 16 global  Research and Innovation Ecosystems and thus creates new opportunities to collaborate optimally with universities, research institutions and start-ups. 


The world has always changed! Researchers need to understand the complex changes in the economy and society in particular and make them tangible in order to test their innovations in terms of their future viability.

Successful companies evolve quickly and effectively

Today's innovations can quickly become obsolete - just think of the smartphone. “To meet current and global challenges, we at Siemens therefore involve external partners in our research”, says Natascha Eckert, head of Ecosystems at Siemens Technology. “Our future technologies should make a significant contribution to the sustainable life of tomorrow. For our innovative strength, we need - in addition to the expertise of our Siemens researchers - the innovation potential of our external partners: that of our customers, universities and research institutions, but also the dynamism and creativity of young idea generators and academic start-ups.”

Distinguish the relevant from the irrelevant

Especially in the age of knowledge explosion, it must be possible to always reflect whether ideas and innovations are substantially new and relevant in the medium to long term.

“With our three focus businesses - Digital Industries, Smart Infrastructure and Mobility - we at Siemens are facing perhaps the greatest challenge in our company's history. Our mission is to develop products, solutions, and services for our customers that not only make us more successful, but above all more sustainable”, says Natascha Eckert.


Good ideas do not come at the push of a button – at the same time, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to quickly develop the best ideas. Technological innovation and digital marketing allow competitors to appear almost out of nowhere, thrive and challenge other businesses. The biggest task for research institutions today is to understand all technological and social trends and to implement them in their corporate strategy. In doing so, it is important to take several factors into account: Innovations and successes of other companies, emerging startups, and the study results of large research-based institutions.

These questions can only be answered in a large and global network and not by individual people or departments. That is the reason why we have modified and expanded the program for our collaborations.

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Profound change in the economy and business landscape

“Only together with external partners can we successfully master the necessary research and development of sustainable future technologies, the rapid commercialization of promising prototypes, and the promotion of talents. Our networks are designed to conduct collaborative and competitive research together to meet the challenges of our time, satisfy customer needs, and ultimately integrate them into the next round of innovations”, says Natascha Eckert.

With our global network of 16 local Siemens Research and Innovation Ecosystems – with all associated contacts, regional knowledge, and specifics – we will be even better at identifying technical excellence, promoting it, bringing it to market in products, and exploring suitable public funding opportunities.

In our Research and Innovation Ecosystems (Siemens RIEs), researchers, industry representatives, students, and creative minds from the startup scene collaborate to create, scale, and serve technologies that would exceed the capabilities of individual participants. Tools for connectivity and collaboration have the potential to nurture, sustain, and protect shared interests, goals, and values.

What can partners expect?

"Our partners in the Siemens Research and Innovation Ecosystems can network closely with exclusive access to Siemens, and to our customers and business partners, with little effort," Natascha Eckert sums up. “They will have the opportunity to get in touch with researchers and executives and to exchange ideas with each other. By offering real industry use cases and insights into our daily work, we inspire young top and digital talents for our vision of changing everyday life.”

Susanne Gold, December 2021

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