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Music, Visual Arts and Cultural Education

Three pillars of the Siemens Arts Program

The Siemens Arts Program provides a creative platform for company projects in the arts and culture. Our focus is on the visual arts, music and cultural education.


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Exhibition of the Neue Sammlung - The Design Museum at the Pinakothek der Moderne

Man Meets Machine - Machine Meets Man

The exhibition "AI.ROBOTICS.DESIGN." of the Neue Sammlung - The Design Museum in the Pinakothek der Moderne addresses the field of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) from a social, scientific and artistic perspective. We support the project as an exhibition partner.

The exhibition depicts the emergence, present and future of artificial intelligence and robotics and at the same time asks the questions: How do we design technology to benefit our society? And how can we understand the interplay between man and machine?  


Siemens Conductors Scholarship for the Karajan Academy of the Berliner Philharmoniker

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our young talent development program through a new collaboration with the Karajan Academy of the Berliner Philharmoniker

October 2021: Conductors Competition at Philharmonie Berlin

In collaboration with the Karajan Academy, we are organizing a 3-day-competition at Philharmonie Berlin from October 22-24 of this year. The winner will receive a scholarship as part of the 2-year academy training. This includes assisting the chief conductor of the Berliner Philharmoniker Kirill Petrenko, as well as conducting his or her own portrait concert with the chamber orchestra of the Karajan Academy in the Chamber Music Hall of Philharmonie Berlin.


DG Stage - The Classical Concert Hall

The Siemens Arts Program is looking for new developments in recording technology and film and we are interested in finding a new visual language for online concerts. To achieve this, we collaborate with specialists from the fields of 3DSound, XR, game engine, film, and media art. And most recently, Siemens has become a partner of DG Stage - The Classical Concert Hall.  With this cooperation, we are trying to make classical music accessible to a wider audience by combining the repertoire of classical music with the technology of the 21st century.


We had the opportunity to record the rehearsals of a Yellow Lounge event at "Alte Münze”, Berlin. Nadine Sierra, Magdalena Hoffmann, Bomsori Kim and Hera Hyesang Park interpreted the music of Grażyna Bacewicz, Amy Beach, Joowon Kim, Clara Schumann and others. The performances were staged through visuals by Trial and Theresa, a feminist VJ collective.

Visual Arts


An exhibition in public space

52 artists, 18 photographers and one message: MISS YOU

"Everything is always good for something! And that's how difficult moments often turn into something positive. That's how I motivate myself. It gives me strength, and I try to leverage this strength because I believe there is an opportunity at hand to drive something big in the world of art."

Johanna Lemke, dancer



The initiative of up art e.V. and the agency OSTKREUZ shows established faces like Katharina Thalbach, Max Raabe and Lars Eidinger as well as lesser known ones of the independent scene - from jazz trombonists, DJs, choreographers, and music producers to puppeteers. From March 2 - 16, the photos will be on display in the public spaces of Berlin, Hamburg, and Baden-Baden.


The Siemens Arts Program is pleased to make this unique art project possible and thus to promote cohesion between artists, culture, and business. Especially in these difficult times, when cultural institutions are closed and artists have disappeared from the public eye, it is important to make them visible again. The exhibition signals to artists as much as it does to the public: we think of you, we look forward to seeing you, and we miss you! And it shows – we belong together.


Fascination of science – Through the eyes of an artist

A new project by the renowned photographer Herlinde Koelbl

In times of climate change and corona, the world is becoming particularly aware of how important science is. Research is increasingly at the center of social events. Scientists must be able to see further than anyone else to influence our future. How do they think, what drives them?


With her project "Fascination of science", the worldwide respected photo artist Herlinde Koelbl has set herself the goal to photograph scientists and to show their motivation, influences and ways of thinking - through the eyes of an artist. Siemens Arts Program is pleased to support this unique photo art project and make it visible to a broad public.




The exhibition will be on display from October 5, 2020 until January 29, 2021 at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Berlin. 

Further projects


Siemens Arts Program – our mission

A lab of ideas for creativity and change

Arts and culture are a vital driving force for exploring identity, creativity and self-reflection. The Siemens Arts Program builds bridges between disciplines, enabling the company to discover new ways of thinking through new experiences. As a creative department within Siemens AG, we see our role as that of mediator between the worlds of art and business. In an open and impartial way, we engage with future challenges from an artistic and cultural perspective so that we can actively shape transformation and change in line with our corporate values.


The Siemens Arts Program does this by creating innovative projects with prominent individuals and institutions from the arts and culture scene. The aim is to encourage collaboration - both personal and thematic, involving creative actors, artistic excellence, and innovative institutions - with our company. The opportunity to participate in the creative process is a key criterion for project selection and management in the Siemens Arts Program. Our aim here is to unleash a powerful inspirational force. Our projects also have a broad relevance and serve as a model within the company.


In 1987, Siemens AG launched the “Siemens Kulturprogramm” (Siemens Cultural Program) with the aim of developing a specific cultural program for the company. Starting from internal cultural activities, it developed into a well-known and versatile international program for the promotion of contemporary art and culture in the early 1990s. This company-owned cultural institution implemented initiatives on its own initiative in addition to traditional sponsoring. In 2015, the Siemens Arts Program was relaunched under the artistic direction of Prof. Dr. Stephan Frucht.

The Team

Prof. Dr. Stephan Frucht, Artistic Director Siemens Arts Program, Senior Vice President Culture and Sponsoring

Anke Bobel, Project Management  
Andrea Clarén, Project Management 

Katia Ernst, Trainee

Martina Heindler, Project Management 

Julia Ripke, Working Student
Rebeca Williams, Organization & Projects  

Press Contact: Konstanze Somborn, Yashar Azad  

The Siemens Arts Program has a delivery role and does not consider applications for funding from third parties. Engagement with arts and culture is expressed through its own projects and interdisciplinary partnerships. Starting a corporate collection in the conventional sense is not a stated aim of the Siemens Arts Program.  

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