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Beren Fidan inspires in the castle Bellevue

The great interest in foreign-language songs brought Beren Fidan to the opera.


At the age of 19 she began her studies as an opera singer. In 2018 she won the Siemens Opera Contest in Turkey. In the same year she completed her studies as top and high honour student at the Dilek Sabancı State Conservatory. Since 2017 she has been working with the soloist of the Ankara State Opera, Görkem Ezgi Yildirim.


In August, Beren Fidan was given the opportunity to present excerpts from the international opera repertoire at the Bürgerfest of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Bellevue Castle.


The Siemens Arts Program will follow Beren Beren's career with great interest. 


STEAM at Carnegie Hall

Does the artistic education belong in the schools?

In the USA there is currently a lively discussion about the relationship of "STEM to. STEAM”, in other words whether or not schools should teach the “A” in “The Arts” as an integral part of human education. Advocates of STEAM argue that a well-rounded education for children should include art and music alongside the STEM subjects, science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


Artistic Director of the Carnegie Hall, Sir Clive Gillinson and the CEO of Siemens USA, Barbara Humpton spoke about artistic education in schools and the support of the arts and culture. We can learn a great deal, not only from music but from musicians too - that was the message from our interview with soloist Kristīne Balanas, who is herself actively involved in music and cultural outreach.


Brave new digital music ?!

Production and Music Use of Tomorrow

What influence does digitalization have on the music landscape? Artists earn around 0.006 cents per stream at Spotify. To earn the minimum wage of 1414 euros in Germany, an artist needs around 393,000 streams a month. Only when songs are streamed millions of times musicians can make a good living from their music (source).


After the #SiemensArtsProgram had started its own project in the field of digital music, we wanted to stick to the topic. We invited representatives from the arts, media and politics to a panel discussion in the Siemensstadt. The guests discussed how artists and labels deal with the changes in the production and distribution of music. Many musicians and smaller labels can only survive if they concentrate more on live concerts. On the other hand, thanks to streaming platforms, the artists reach music lovers all over the world. Niche music from Germany finds fans from Lagos to Seoul.  


But just listen to the podcast yourself!

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