Siemens Cultural Empowerment for New Executives

Experience, explore and benefit from culture and the arts
SCENE is a unique professional development program for high potentials and individuals with substantial management responsibility. We initiate specific trainings with renowned players from today‘s creative scene, e. g. curators, visual artists, and musicians. The program is an integral part of the Siemens Arts Program.


Active involvement beats passive consumption
Through a well-rounded combination of lectures, seminars and interactive workshops, participants experience how artists work and have the opportunity to get actively involved themselves. They receive the chance to improve their ability to handle “failures” constructively.
The program generally comprises the following workshop modules: music, performing arts, visual arts, new media, architecture, and literature.


The great advantage of art is that it doesn’t have to be useful

However, to be involved with art sharpens powers of perception and strengthens the ability to engage in personal reflection. It promotes solutions-oriented thinking and enhances communications skills such as rhetoric and body language. Individuals are enabled to see and try new things, to break out of established thought patterns and to push limits. They learn how to achieve more together and get access to valuable contacts and new creative networks.