Siemens Opera Contest France

The Siemens Opera Contest is a professional singing competition for the best young singers.
Opera Contest France 2019

Hats off to a charismatic winner with a powerful voice

Liubov Medvedeva performed self-confidently and concentrated on the stage in the Palais Garnier. From the very first moment she was sure of the attention and enthusiasm of the audience. She sang every one of her pieces – whether by Donizetti, Mozart or Strauss – with total precision and passion. In the spirit of Georges Bizet's aria "Ouvre ton cœur" (Open Your Heart) she spoke with refreshing openness about her origins, her feelings on stage and creativity in the opera business. The young soprano is the proud winner of the Siemens Opera Contest France 2019.

Liubov, can you tell us something about your background, your musical education and your family?

I was born in Russia, or to be more precise in the north of Russia, above the Arctic Circle. My parents are not musicians themselves. My mother is a nursery school teacher and my father is a policeman. Nonetheless, I have been surrounded by music since my childhood, so my parents have contributed substantially to my musical education. I owe them a great deal.


How would you describe the art of singing?

For me, the art of singing means always being in harmony with my body and with myself. And wherever I perform or whatever I do, I always try to be very precise in my work. It is very important to know where you can improve and where you should change your expression or your technique. Standing on the stage gives me a lot of energy. This energy helps me to do my very best and to perform better every time.


Many people say that opera is all about tradition. But what about innovation and creativity?

Yes, many people say that opera is about tradition and nothing else, but, like any art form, opera changes over time and innovations are inevitable. Our lives are continuously evolving and of course the same also applies to opera. For me, creativity means constantly searching and never standing still. It is a living, dynamic process. 

Siemens Opera Contest France 2019

Siemens Arts Program initiated the third Siemens Opera Contest France in Paris. It is a professional singing competition for outstanding young singers.


See the video about the winner and voices about the Siemens Opera Contest.

Opera Contest France 2018

Siemens Opera Contest in Paris

The Siemens Arts Program presents the second Siemens Opera Contest France and its winner, Sarah Shine, in the world-famous Opéra national de Paris.

The Siemens Arts Program initiated 2018 the second Siemens Opera Contest France.

Shine convinced the expert jury and successfully beat twelve competitors. The up-and-coming talent was born in 1993 in Ireland and graduated from the Irish Royal Academy of Music in 2015. At a festive gala at the Opéra national de Paris, she received the prize from Nicolas Petrovic, CEO Siemens France, and in the presence of Klaus Helmrich and Roland Busch, members of the Managing Board. The audience of customers, partners and politicians were impressed by the presence, passion and talent of the winner. She was presented with the award to rapturous applause.

The performance at the Palais Garnier in Paris is a very special moment for the young soprano.

The winner of the competition talks about her feelings and preparations for major performances, such as the Siemens Opera Contest France.

How do you feel, and what does this award mean to you?
"My reaction to winning the prize was total shock. Now that I've time to digest what it means, I feel pure happiness. The Siemens Opera Contest and contests like this are very important. This gives me a recognition. How I sing, how I perform and how I lead my life, I was doing something right. It gave me such confidence."

How do you prepare for major performances?
"Training your voice for concerts like in the Palais Garnier starts months before what you see on stage. It means getting the music into your body and finding how you can express it in a healthy way with the correct technique."

Opera Contest France 2017

"I'm in seventh heaven"

The first winner of the Siemens Opera Contest France was chosen at the Palais Garnier in Paris. Mikhail Timoshenko, a 24-year-old baritone, impressed the expert jury consisting of Jean-Yves Kaced, Development Director of the Paris Opera, Matthias Schulz, Director of the Staatsoper Berlin, Dr. Clements Trautmann, CEO of Deutsche Grammophon and Prof. Stephan Frucht, Artistic Directror of the Siemens Arts Program.