Siemens Arts Program - Visual Arts

A place to encounter art. "Our new headquarters is a place where encounters occur – including encounters with art. We're very pleased that works by important contemporary artists are being showcased in the public section of our new headquarters."   -Joe Kaeser

Visual Arts - exploring the future

In the visual arts, we initiate and realize projects around contemporary art. We seek subjects and artistic positions that address challenges in society today and explore emerging future issues. The projects are initiated in collaboration with artists and art institutions in Germany and beyond. Our particular focus here is on the creative process and collaborative exchanges with partners in the arts. Partnerships with world-renowned institutions are extremely important to us. The Siemens Photography Collection, for instance, has been housed in Munich's Pinakothek der Moderne since 2003.


Engagement with arts and culture is expressed through its own projects and interdisciplinary partnerships. Starting a corporate collection in the conventional sense is not a stated aim of the Siemens Arts Program.



An homage

A project team drawn from all across the Siemens Arts Program, joined by pianist Annika Treutler and media artist Alexander Stublić, have made it their mission to champion the music of the ostracized composer Viktor Ullmann (1898-1944). 


Using virtual reality and immersive sound technology, media artist Alexander Stublić created walk-through surreal scenarios in which notes materialize synesthetically, forests of traverses pass by, and concert stages including a deconstructed orchestra reassemble in front of the viewer in new perspectives. The underlying concert recording is the Piano Concerto Opus 25 by Viktor Ullmann.

Note: The installation was accessible to the public for the first time at the Jewish Museum Berlin in May 2022.


An exhibition in public space

52 artists, 18 photographers and one message: MISS YOU

"Everything is always good for something! And that's how difficult moments often turn into something positive. That's how I motivate myself. It gives me strength, and I try to leverage this strength because I believe there is an opportunity at hand to drive something big in the world of art."

Johanna Lemke, dancer



The initiative of up art e.V. and the agency OSTKREUZ shows established faces like Katharina Thalbach, Max Raabe and Lars Eidinger as well as lesser known ones of the independent scene - from jazz trombonists, DJs, choreographers, and music producers to puppeteers. From March 2 - 16, the photos will be on display in the public spaces of Berlin, Hamburg, and Baden-Baden.


The Siemens Arts Program is pleased to make this unique art project possible and thus to promote cohesion between artists, culture, and business. Especially in these difficult times, when cultural institutions are closed and artists have disappeared from the public eye, it is important to make them visible again. The exhibition signals to artists as much as it does to the public: we think of you, we look forward to seeing you, and we miss you! And it shows – we belong together.