Fascination of science – Through the eyes of an artist

A new project by the renowned photographer Herlinde Koelbl
There is a connection between art and science. They require creativity, obsession, persistence, passion and always the urge to try something new.
Herlinde Koelbl

In times of climate change and corona, the world is becoming particularly aware of how important science is. Research is increasingly at the center of social events. Scientists must be able to see further than anyone else to influence our future. How do they think, what drives them?


With her project "Fascination of science", the worldwide respected photo artist Herlinde Koelbl has set herself the goal to photograph scientists and to show their motivation, influences and ways of thinking - through the eyes of an artist. Siemens Arts Program is pleased to support this unique photo art project and make it visible to a broad public.




The exhibition will be on display from October 5, 2020 until January 29, 2021 at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Berlin. 

I wanted to find out how they think and with what insights they influence our lives and our future. I have traveled halfway around the world to know these top scientists better and to communicate their fascinating scientific results and life experiences and, yes, to bring science to life. I want to inspire young people to see role models in these impressive personalities and to take this exciting path themselves.
Herlinde Koelbl about her work

In her project entitled “Fascination of science” Herlinde Koelbl portrays 60 of the world’s pioneering scientists and Nobel Prize winners and quite literally makes tangible their insights and the fascination of science.

As part of this process, she asked each of her subjects to note down the essence of their research on their own hand. For this, she immerses herself in their research and life in very personal interviews.

Herlinde Koelbl is looking for the individuals behind the discovery and what drives them – irrespective of origin or nationality: The interviewees not only closely sketch out their research, but also grant a glimpse into their private lives, looking back on their personal experiences, successes and setbacks on their way to the top.




Roland Busch, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Siemens AG, states about the project:

"The “Fascination of science” project is an ode not only to science, but also to the power of art. Herlinde Koelbl once again succeeds in fascinating people with her photographic works. At the same time, she builds a bridge between art and science. As a physicist, I am fascinated by how Herlinde Koelbl makes tangible the interrelation between these two disciplines. With her 60 portraits of outstanding researchers she also shows a human side of science. Moreover, I am convinced that “Fascination of science” will also motivate many young people to become passionate about science and research."


Stephan Frucht, Director of the Siemens Arts Program, adds:

“The body of work documents in an impressive way that science and art are similar in nature and rightly enjoy special protection under the constitution.”



Images: Fascination of Science by Herlinde Koelbl