"Schwesterngruppe" by Georg Baselitz

Schwesterngruppe, a sculpture of more than three meters in height created by Georg Baselitz (born 1938 in Deutschbaselitz, Germany), is located right at the center of the atrium of the new Siemens headquarters. 

The ‘group of sisters’, which emulates the iconographic constellation of the Three Graces (Splendor, Mirth and Good Cheer), also draws on the artist’s childhood memories from his home town of Deutschbaselitz. Having led a life between East and West, Baselitz personifies a complex type of artist, living in a spirit of ‘creative resistance.’


Georg Baselitz first carved the figures out of wood before he had them cast in bronze and coated in black patina.


The art in the new Siemens atrium creates an open passageway between downtown Munich and the city's own art district. (June 2016)

What you see is memory on a monumental scale: in this case, my sister and her friends walking arm-in-arm across the village square. The tradition of the Three Graces, from Ancient Greece via Botticelli to the present day, is one of the themes of this work. To the best of my knowledge, there has never been a group of figures with interlinked arms in the history of sculpture.
Georg Baselitz about his work

Impressions of the "Schwesterngruppe" sculpture in the new Siemens atrium