2020 Siemens Ingenious Digital Art Award

When industrial creativity meets artistic engineering

Art and shaping the future

Siemens France is launching the Siemens Ingenious Digital Art Award, which will give due recognition to the boldest examples of digital artwork. The award has sprung from the notion that the worlds of leading-edge industry and contemporary art share the same technological expressive landscape. Artists are increasingly adopting advanced, sophisticated digital technology. Graphic design software, artificial intelligence, deep learning, 3D printers, the Internet, and social media are just some of the tools that form part of an extremely rich and inspiring digital palette. The potential they offer is profoundly changing the way work is produced and disseminated, just as it is revolutionizing the industrial sector. Art and shaping the future. The Siemens Ingenious Digital Art Award is aimed at initiating dialog between leading-edge industry and future infrastructure on one hand and artistic talent on the other.

Theme for the 2020 edition: "Connections"

"CONNECTIONS" is the theme of the first edition.


CONNECTIONS between individuals,

… between human beings and the planet,

… between the business and art worlds,

… between cultures and peoples,

… between technology and reality,

… CONNECTIONS are vital to our world’s survival and our ability to reinvent a sense of community, especially since these connections have been eroded over the long recent months.

Key dates for the 2020 Siemens Ingenious Award

01 September

Deadline for submitting applications

01 September

Jury to consider applications and select three finalists

01 October

Final vote and award ceremony

The jury

The jury includes figures from the worlds of contemporary art, industry, and tech.

The artists

The 3 nominated artists for the Siemens Ingenious Award

The Siemens Ingenious Award will go to a male or female artist based in France who is able to demonstrate originality, digital creativity, and find extraordinary ways of incorporating digital technologies into the creative process.

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