"Speak up II" by Rupprecht Matthies

A "word-artwork" in the atrium of the Siemens Corporate Headquarters

“Speak up II” is an unexpected eye-catcher in the atrium of the Siemens Corporate Headquarters

This heterotopic word installation, extending six stories high up the elevator side wall, veritably leaps out at the observer against the minimalist backdrop of glass and steel architecture. The individual words, formed from acrylic glass in bright, vibrant colors, create a strong impression of plasticity and sculptural liveliness.


The “word artwork” was accomplished in 2017 in collaboration with the “Top50 Team” comprising Siemens’ most senior managers. They were invited to contribute, in own handwritings, their most important terms.


Rupprecht Matthies turned it into an interactive art installation by picking out words, carving them out in acrylic, and “choreographing” them in an individual way. 

If you had one word to describe what Siemens means to you and what you stand for in your private and professional environments, what would it be?
 This was the question Siemens leaders were presented with. 



The impact of this interaction between the Siemens management team and the artist is fascinating.

With this work, Matthies unites the intrinsic vision with the external view of the company, dissociated from any form of corporate ideology. What has emerged is a work of art that invites reflection and “questioning” and inspires to explore our own internal value compass.

More impressions from the "Speak up II" installation