"The Wings" by Daniel Libeskind

A sculpture located in front of the Siemens Headquarters in Munich

Situated at the entrance to the Siemens headquarters in Munich, right at the Oskar-von-Miller-Ring, The Wings sculpture by architect and artist Daniel Libeskind represents a new visual point of reference on the new central link between the city center and the “Kunstareal” (art district).


In combination with two more pieces of The Wings, which are located at Siemens’ largest site in Erlangen and at the Berlin location where Siemens was originally founded, this group of sculptures symbolizes an ‘innovation bridge,’ linking these milestone locations in the history of the company with the world. The Wings created by Libeskind, cosmopolitan and innovative artist with offices in Milan and New York, both adds to the company’s location as a work of art and architectural feature, and underlines the demand that Siemens places on itself: to make a creative contribution to shaping the future and technological progress.


The Wings was initially exhibited as an installation consisting of four pieces at the 2015 Expo in Milan. The surface of two  sculptures is fitted with thousands of LED lights bringing it to life with graphical animations. 

Our new headquarters is a place where encounters occur – not least because of its art. 
Mariel von Schumann

Impressions of the "The Wings"