Siemens is leading the way towards carbon neutrality

With our firm commitment to become carbon neutral by 2030, we take leadership towards decarbonization. At the same time, we help our customers meet their individual decarbonization goals.

Siemens is going carbon neutral

With our commitment to turn our operations carbon neutral by 2030, Siemens has set a clear signal that companies must take leadership in driving decarbonization. It is our firm belief that companies play a pioneering role in the fight against climate change. Our goal is clear: All Siemens production facilities and buildings worldwide are to achieve a net zero-carbon footprint by 2030. This program not only benefits humanity and the environment, but also comes with sustainable economic advantages for our company.

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To help protect the climate, Siemens has committed itself to decarbonization, i.e. the renunciation of using carbon-containing energy sources, along the entire value chain. The Siemens Environmental Portfolio, which bundles technologies from the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency, contributes the largest share. The carbon neutral program is an excellent example. Investments in environmentally-friendly technologies pay off, as they mostly amortize within a few years. Thus, the program not only makes a positive contribution for humanity and the environment, but also benefits Siemens economically in the long run.

The carbon neutral program is driven by numerous Siemens entities. Siemens Real Estate together with the Siemens divisions participates in investments in energy efficiency projects and the deployment of distributed energy systems. Our global procurement department invests in the optimization of the company’s fleet by reducing the average fleet emissions and providing smart mobility incentives to our employees. Additionally, we increasingly purchase electricity from renewable energy sources.

The carbon neutral program applies also to the separately managed businesses. As such, Siemens Healthineers and Siemens Mobility are part of the program. Additionally, Siemens Energy and its majority holding Siemens Gamesa run their own carbon neutral programs.

Siemens aims to reach a balanced CO2 record by 2030. To achieve this, the largest possible reduction of emissions is the means of choice. The remaining amount of CO2 emissions will be compensated by carbon credits.

Siemens deliberately demonstrates how viable climate neutral strategies can be developed and implemented effectively. Additionally, we guide our customers how technologies from within environmental portfolio can help them to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions.

For the implementation of our carbon neutral program, we count on each of our employees. Our ownership culture promotes and demands responsible action for the company and for society. Given the fact that we have exceeded our interim goals of CO2 reduction since the start of the program reconfirms that we are on the right track. Our employees make a large contribution to reaching our CO2 goals. Additionally, we provide incentives in relevant corporate functions, e.g. for a climate friendly company vehicle or a reduced annual ticket for the local public transportation system.