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Quick facts for this project:

Quick facts for this project:
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5 years
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1.86 M
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Project Summary

The Basel Institute acting as the Centre for Global Industry Standards will develop and coordinate Collective Action initiatives. It will bring together stakeholders to agree on and implement sector-specific anti-corruption standards.

The Basel Institute has been instrumental in the design and implementation process of several joint multi-stakeholder efforts to set industry standards in a number of sectors of the economy through Collective Action across the globe, among them, the „Wolfsberg Anti-Money Laundering Principles.“ On the basis of its know-how, the Basel Institute is best placed to continue this work further and bring it to new sectors and to a new level. This project will formalize the existence of the - Centre for Global Industry Standards - located at the Basel Institute.

The Centre for Global Industry Standards will promote, facilitate and create Collective Action initiatives by bringing together stakeholders involved in specific economic sectors for a dialogue to agree on governance and anti-corruption standards and their implementation. The Centre will also contribute to the coordination and integration of standards at the global level. The role of the Centre is mainly that of independent expert and facilitator; in our experience, the success of Collective Action is based on being driven by its participants.

Description of Integrity Partner

The Basel Institute on Governance is a practice-oriented and interdisciplinary think tank conducting research, policy advice, building capacity and providing support in the area of good governance at the public and corporate level. Its mandate is to promote good governance in the public sector and in the business community, nationally and internationally, through targeted and qualified expertise, scientific research and training. Its strategy is to combine academic and interdisciplinary competence with hands-on practical experience to provide accurate analysis and sound problem solving methods. It offers customized solutions to its partners in the public and private spheres.

Founded in 2003 as an independent and non-profit institution, it is associated with the University of Basel and is composed of internationally recognized academics and practitioners with long-standing experience in the various areas of work that the Basel Institute promotes.

Basel Institute on Governance

This project is supported by Siemens as part of the Siemens Integrity Initiative.
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