POLMED (The Polish Chamber of Commerce of Medical Devices)

MedKompas Poland
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4 years
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0.46 M
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Project Summary                                             

The project aims at initiating a network of compliance managers and promoting ethical cooperation among participants in the medical devices market.

The MedKompas project will achieve its aim by organizing trainings on ethical business practices, and by a general promotion campaign on ethical cooperation between medical devices market participants and health-care professionals. This promotion of ethical business conduct will spread knowledge on threats resulting from corrupt behavior and the advantages of ethical business practices.

  • Trainings are planned in the country over a four year period with the target group identified as representatives of medical devices companies and healthcare professionals.
  • POLMED intends to promote and shape ethical patterns of behavior by means of a general promotional campaign. The campaign will address to representatives of both healthcare facilities and medical devices companies in order to highlight relevant and ethical rules for the cooperation between these two groups.

Description of Integrity Partner     

POLMED is the biggest and highly recognized chamber of commerce in Poland, which represents manufactures and distributors of medical devices in Poland. It acts as a source of information for members, protects their interests and conveys their views to decision makers in the industry and the government. POLMED aims to ensure members operate in a business friendly environment.

POLMED provides trainings and consultations necessary for their members’ business operations. It focuses on promoting the rules of professional ethics and honesty in business practices among their members. The Code of Business Practice established by POLMED is based on EUCOMED Code of Ethics. POLMED believes that the Code’s implementation will significantly improve the quality of their members’ interactions with the medical environment.

In the near future POLMED sees itself as a leader in initiating changes in the medical devices market in Poland, which aims to satisfy the needs of patients, medical professionals and POLMED member companies and therefore stimulate the development of the industry.

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This project is supported by Siemens as part of the Siemens Integrity Initiative.
Source: Project profile provided by the Integrity Partner as at date of funding agreement. For updates kindly refer to the latest Siemens Integrity Initiative Annual Report.