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Promoting Integrity through Advocacy. Counteracting Corruption in Public Contracting
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3 years
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0.45 M
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Project Summary                                             

The key objective is to enhance integrity standards and transparency in awarding of contracts with significant public interest, through policy change in Bulgaria.

This includes:

  • Analysis of legal framework and adaptation of the concept of Integrity Pacts (IP) in Bulgaria
  • Promotion of the IP concept, organization of working meetings and public discussions with both private sector and public administration representatives; publication of articles and expert positions in the media; advocacy to civil society and private sector; set-up of a monitoring coalition
  • Pilot implementation of the IP tool: training of civil servants in the implementation of IPs’ in public contracting; test of the IP tool in selected tenders; monitoring and assessment of impact of IPs’ on the contracting process; recommendations for improvements
  • Create a Public Contracting Transparency and Integrity Indicators (PCTII) tool that builds upon the outcomes of the implementation of the pilot IP’s and publication of a PCTII manual
  • Promotion of PCTII tool and use for training representatives of the private sector, civil society and media

Description of Integrity Partner     

Since its foundation, Transparency International - Bulgaria has gained substantial visibility in Bulgaria, and has established the necessary links with the general public and gained its reputation as an organization of integrity and stability. TI-Bulgaria has assumed a substantial presence in the country’s public space. It has created a network of experts and volunteers and has implemented several successful monitoring initiatives, which has given it a place among the 10 most active and viable civil society organizations.

Transparency International - Bulgaria


This project is supported by Siemens as part of the Siemens Integrity Initiative.
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