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Sustainable Procurement. Protecting the Green Sector Market from Corruption and Fraud
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3 years
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“Protecting the green sector market from corruption and fraud” is a civic, institutional and scientific project for protecting the green economy from threats of fraud and corruption, thus promoting relevant sustainable and ethical standards.

“Protecting the green sector market from corruption and fraud” aims at designing a sound framework to avoid misuses and illegal practices, enhancing awareness in the business environment and among public institutions, promoting fair market conditions through clear and transparent procedures, and disseminating results to raise awareness on the issue.

The project will gain knowledge on criminal patterns, market and corporate vulnerabilities, organize laboratories to enhance the capacity to prevent risks and reduce losses, and set up a dialogue platform between public and private sector to promote the design and adoption of ad hoc standards. The focus will be placed on three specific sectors: renewable energies, logistics/mobility of persons and goods, and innovation technologies.

To carry out this project a multi-disciplinary partnership has been established by TI-It (Integrity Partner), National Anti-Corruption Authority, and RiSSC – Research Centre on Security and Crime.

Description of Integrity Partner

Transparency International Italia (TI-It), the Italian chapter of Transparency International, founded in Milan in 1996, promotes the active role of civil and moral education in strengthening civil society against corruption and crime. It interacts with the public and private sector, academia, and researchers. Main activities are: promotion of transparent and efficient governance by preventing corruption and misuse of resources, raising awareness in public opinion on the urgency of fighting corruption and related crimes, enhancing ethics in schools and universities, supporting the national ratification of international juridical and economic laws and conventions, encouraging the public and private sectors to fix and implement ethics principles and codes, and advocating for good governance and protection of collective interests.

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This project is supported by Siemens as part of the Siemens Integrity Initiative.
Source: Project profile provided by the Integrity Partner as at date of funding agreement. For updates kindly refer to the latest Siemens Integrity Initiative Annual Report.