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Social Witness / Integrity Pact in Government Procurement. The Mexican Experience
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The project aims to produce an Analytical Review Report of the Integrity Pacts/Social Witness tools that Transparencia Mexicana has applied in around 100 public procurement processes.


Since 2000, TM has implemented Integrity Pacts/Social Witness (IP/SW) tools in around 100 public procurement processes and has developed a methodology applied to the Mexican context that can be useful to government and private actors in other contexts. This methodology combines a mini-contractual form in a bidding process (IP) with intensive monitoring during the bidding process (SW). The result is a light legal structure with a real-time monitoring process which provides an external, technical and independent view without reducing efficiency, partially restores public distrust in procurement, creates an environment for open discussions of technical decisions, promotes government innovation, and contributes to competition, efficiency and savings.

To date, much of the research related to the IP/SW has combined national experiences and practice, without determining the systemic impact for a branch of government, sector or type of company in a cross-time analysis. This project will have this systemic approach, in order to be useful to procurement sectors in any context. The objective is to conduct an analytical review, and to promote the Mexican experience with a particular focus on its economic impact, social results and a new framework for Collective Action among participants in procurement processes. Activities include an analytical review, the production of independent chapters under an editorial plan, and the communication/promotion of the Analytical Review Report with relevant stakeholders.

Description of Integrity Partner

Transparencia Mexicana (TM) was founded in 1999 and is the national chapter of Transparency International (TI), the global coalition against corruption. TM approaches corruption from a holistic standpoint, engaging with public and private actors to reduce corruption by creating changes in the institutional and legal framework of the Mexican state. Acknowledging that forms of corruption adapt to country-specific norms, TM pursues an agenda tailored to fight corruption within Mexico, while at the same time adhering to standards and practices established by TI Secretariat.

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This project is supported by Siemens as part of the Siemens Integrity Initiative.
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