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Project for the UN Global Compact. Promoting Collective Action through UN Global Compact Local Networks
Quick facts for this project:
Project Partner Organizations:
UN Global Compact; Instituto Ethos, Brazil; Egyptian Junior Business Association; Global Compact Society India; Nigerian Economic Summit Group; National Business Initiative, South Africa
Country of implementation:
Brazil, Egypt, India, Nigeria, South Africa
Duration (in years):
4 years
Funding volume in US-Dollar (million):
2.87 M
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Project Summary

Launch and implement an anti-corruption Collective Action initiative in five countries (Brazil, Egypt, India, Nigeria, and South Africa) through Global Compact Local Networks.


This project aims to establish a high-impact anti-corruption Collective Action platform in five countries – Brazil, Egypt, India, Nigeria, and South Africa. By facilitating ongoing dialogue between the private and public sector, this project will provide a wide variety of stakeholders in these five countries with an opportunity to explore how specific Collective Action initiatives can create incentives for ethical business performance, and to discuss areas for further improvement. In so doing, the project aims to scale up existing anti-corruption efforts in the target countries, and provide participants with knowledge, skills, strategies and resources to promote ethical practices and transparency in business operations, within each country, and in international cross-sectoral relations. The project will emphasize the role of local actors in each of the target countries, engaging and building the capacity of local stakeholders who are faced with corruption in their routine transactions and business relationships.

Description of Integrity Partner

The Foundation for the Global Compact was established in 2006 and registered as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization under New York State law. The Foundation is based on the principle that transparency, integrity and public-private collaboration is essential to finding lasting solutions to pressing global problems.


Foundation for the Global Compact


UN Global Compact: The United Nations Global Compact is a policy and engagement platform for businesses that is committed to aligning their operations and strategies with the universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

UN Global Compact


This project is supported by Siemens as part of the Siemens Integrity Initiative.
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