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Center for Economic and Financial Research and Studies. Fighting Corruption and Fraud through Collective Action, Education and Training (Towards a Transparent Economy)
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5 years
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0.85 M
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Project Summary                                             

The aim of this project is to raise awareness, organize extracurricular activities and to create curricula for enhancing the knowledge on transparency and combating corruption among faculty students.

Main activities:

  • Raise public awareness of indicators for measuring transparency, and the importance and means of combating corruption (target audience is the general public with a special focus on faculty students and the youth)
  • Educate faculty students on the benefits of disclosing and sharing information, and the best means of doing this, in light of international best practices; conduct student research competitions (target audience are faculty and students, but may expand to include junior candidates in relevant governmental entities and major economic sectors such as the financial sector, small and medium enterprises, and the corporate sector)
  • Integrate knowledge about corruption and transparency in academic curricula; train academic professionals on how to teach these new concepts (target audience are academic professors who are in charge of disseminating acquired knowledge to future generations of students)

Description of Integrity Partner 

The Center for Economic and Financial Research and Studies is affiliated to the Faculty of Economics and Political Science of Cairo University. The Faculty of Economics and Political Science is among the most reputable and distinguished faculties of the Cairo University, well known for its initiatives to raise awareness and enhance extracurricular activities among students. The Center for Economic and Financial Research and Studies is one of the oldest and most active research centers, with multi-dimensional activities, including developing the skills of students.


Faculty of Economics and Political Science of the Cairo University


This project is supported by Siemens as part of the Siemens Integrity Initiative.
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