The Ethics Institute (TEI)

Collective Action for fighting corruption in Gauteng Province (South Africa)
Quick facts for this project:
Country of implementation:
South Africa
Duration (in years):
5 years
Funding volume in US-Dollar (million):
0.80 M
Registered in:
South Africa

Project Summary

The project aims to address corruption in the Gauteng Province of South Africa in three ways:


Firstly, The Ethics Institute (TEI) will provide ongoing thought leadership to the Gauteng Anti-Corruption Forum – a newly launched Collective Action anti-corruption initiative involving government, business, civil society and labor. Its purpose is to explore synergies to consolidate anti-corruption efforts across the various sectors, focusing on specific risk areas.


Secondly, The Ethics Institute (TEI) will collaborate with seven municipalities in the province to strengthen their ethics and anti-corruption management capacity. This will include setting up necessary governance structures and assisting the municipalities during the first few years of implementation of their ethics management programs. Various projects will be undertaken, from the development of leadership involvement to the setting up of an ethics-based policy environment and the institutionalizing of ethics programs. A key outcome is the development of a technically competent and dedicated cadre of Ethics Officers to drive these programs forward.


Lastly, The Ethics Institute (TEI) will create information and training resources for encouraging fair and competitive behavior, especially in the construction industry. Following the implementation of the project in the Gauteng Province, the results will be distributed and will reach the rest of the country.

Description of Integrity Partner

The Ethics Institute (TEI) is a not for profit, public benefit organization, which has been active since August 2000. The vision of The Ethics Institute (TEI) is to “build an ethically responsible society” in South Africa and other African countries, such as Mozambique, within the scope of this project. The Organization achieves its mission by forming partnerships with the public and private sectors, and serving as a resource through:

  • Thought leadership when setting ethical standards
  • Research in the field of organizational ethics management
  • Assessment of organization’s ethics programs
  • Training of ethics skills, including certification of Ethics Officers
  • Support and advisory services to clients
  • Project management on ethics / anti-corruption for the public and private sectors

The Ethics Institute (TEI)


This project is supported by Siemens as part of the Siemens Integrity Initiative.
Source: Project profile provided by the Integrity Partner as at date of funding agreement. For updates kindly refer to the latest Siemens Integrity Initiative Annual Report.