International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA)

Professorship on Collective Action, compliance and (private sector) anti-corruption & grants for IACA participants from Least Developed Countries and Emerging Markets
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Duration (in years):
4 years
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4.98 M
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International Organization, Austria

Project Summary

The IACA is dedicated to overcoming current shortcomings in knowledge and practice in the field of compliance and anti-corruption. The organization’s holistic and collective research and training programs for the private and public sectors as well as civil society strive to enhance the understanding of each other’s approaches, intentions, and methodologies, while also providing the opportunity to explore common problems from different angles with joint academic rigor.


Compliance, private sector anti-corruption programs, and especially Collective Action are relatively new areas in the fight against corruption. The “Professorship on Collective Action, compliance and (private sector) anti-corruption” will contribute to meeting the demand for in-depth analysis in these fields. It will develop and offer an academic two-year masters degree program, seminars and conferences focusing on the needs of the private sector, and also develop benchmarks for anti-corruption activities in the private sector in order to promote fair market conditions.


Grants for students and participants from least developed countries and emerging markets:


In accordance with the inter-regional approach of IACA, students and participants from all over the world should have the opportunity to study and work at the Academy. In order to be able to provide training to those participants who would otherwise not be able to afford it and enable them to attend courses, grants and tuition fees will be provided.

Description of Integrity Partner

The International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA), an international organization based in Laxenburg, Austria, is a pioneering institution that aims to overcome current shortcomings in knowledge and practice in the field of anti-corruption and compliance. The organization intends to empower and enable professionals for the compliance challenges of tomorrow.

The Academy provides a new, holistic and collective approach to anti-corruption education and research, delivers and facilitates anti-corruption training courses for practitioners from all sectors of society, and provides technical support and assistance to a wide variety of stakeholders.


The IACA became an international organization on March 8, 2011. To date, it comprises a constituency of 59 Parties, including three international organizations. In addition, IACA seeks broad partnerships with private sector institutions, international and non-governmental organizations, as well as civil society.

International Anti-Corruption Academy


This project is supported by Siemens as part of the Siemens Integrity Initiative.
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