Beijing New Century Academy on Transnational Corporations (NATC)

Strengthen compliance capacity building of all market participants in China
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3 years
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1.50 M
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Project Summary

The project will focus on developing the compliance capacity in Chinese companies. NATC’s in-house research shows that while Chinese companies are highly motivated to comply with corporate rules on ethics, there is still a diverse range of Chinese companies which lack the ability to establish and implement such a compliance system. 


In concrete terms, the project will focus on attaining the following objectives to contribute to building a clean and fair business environment in China:

  • Undertaking in-depth compliance-related research which will help Chinese companies to establish a workable compliance system
  • Continuing to advocate and engage policy makers through the submission of ethics-related policy recommendations to the public sector
  • Operating the Compliance Club which will be expanded to involve more market participants and include more compliance-related activities
  • Implementing the Compliance Knowledge Sharing project and enhancing the Chinese Compliance Website to reach a wider audience
  • Convening Semi-Annual Forums to exchange ideas, disseminate examples of best practice that have been identified and create synergies

Description of Integrity Partner

NATC is a non-profit organization, duly formed in 2005. Prior to this, it was part of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. In January 2005, the Ministry of Commerce’s Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation and the Beijing Fazheng Group co-founded the newly structured NATC. Its employees consist of researchers, retired government department heads, and other professionals and consultants. 

In general, NATC’s research is focused on new trends in the areas of corporate governance, management structures and corporate philosophy / social responsibility of foreign and Chinese transnational corporations (TNCs).

NATC has gained recognition from government agencies and from foreign and domestic companies for its research work in areas such as the objective assessment of the role of TNCs in China and for promoting sustainable socio-economic developments in China. 

Drawing upon its research capability, NATC submits policy recommendations to government agencies on the one hand and offers consulting advice to Chinese and foreign TNCs on the other. In addition, NATC also runs a full line of complementary services such as consulting, publishing, conference and training. All these services support and reinforce one another.

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This project is supported by Siemens as part of the Siemens Integrity Initiative.
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