The Polish Chamber of Commerce of Medical Devices (POLMED)

MedKompas Poland II
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4 years
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0.65 M
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Project Summary

In the framework of the MedKompas project II, the anti-corruption activities of the previous MedKompas project I toward clean business and fair market conditions in the medical device market will continue in addition to the introduction of new and more advanced activities which will enhance the impact achieved so far.


During the MedKompas project II, POLMED intends to:

  • Educate the Polish healthcare system participants (e.g. medical doctors, hospital directors and management staff, etc.) about ethical business conduct and how to set up transparent relations between doctors and medical companies, combined with awareness raising activities among the medical device system participants (e.g. decision makers, doctors, hospital directors, representatives of medical device companies).
  • Build the first model compliance system for public healthcare institutions in Poland and implement this in three selected Polish hospitals.


POLMED believes that if the gap between the legislation and people’s values and social norms is too large, then even the most restrictive legal regulations will not help to fight corruption. This is why the activities are geared towards shaping ethical values in the public and private healthcare sectors. 

Description of Integrity Partner     

POLMED is one of the largest and most highly recognized chambers of commerce in Poland which represents manufacturers and distributors of medical devices in Poland. It acts as a source of information for members, protects their interests and conveys their views to decision-makers in the industry and the government. POLMED aims to ensure that members operate in a business-friendly, ethical and fair market environment.


POLMED provides training courses and consultations necessary for their members’ business operations. It focuses on promoting the rules and advantages of professional ethics and honesty in business practices among its members. The "Code of Business Practice" has led to a significant improvement in the quality of its member’s interactions within the medical environment.


Up until September 2014, POLMED was successfully implementing the forerunner project MedKompas project I, which aimed to promote ethical cooperation between representatives of the medical devices market and healthcare professionals.

Polish Chamber of Commerce of Medical Devices (POLMED)

This project is supported by Siemens as part of the Siemens Integrity Initiative.
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