Ethics and Reputation Society / Etik ve Itibar Dernegi (TEID)

Leveling the playing field with Turkish Integrity Center of Excellence – TICE
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3 years
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1.76 M
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The project will address the needs and possible actions required to effectively manage integrity risks in Turkey, and to fight corruption in the private sector, while enhancing the country’s potential to implement the existing international ethics standards.


Within the scope of the project, the Turkish Integrity Center of Excellence (TICE) will be created to conduct regular sectoral and cross-sectoral surveys relating to the effects of corruption on the economy on the basis of coherent data. The Center will serve as body to certify and train compliance officers and to facilitate and lead Collective Action initiatives. It will also serve as a knowledge-sharing platform for professionals working in integrity risk management-related areas.


Much of the existing research material, from both academic and external agencies’ reviews, shows that companies rarely have the appropriate expertise to implement internationally developed anti-corruption and good governance guidelines and standards. It is currently almost impossible to conduct an objective assessment of improvements in this area since there is a lack of coherent data regarding the socio-economic effects of corruption on leading sectors of the local economy in Turkey.


Many companies have ethical standards of some kind but they do not have a compliance program for integrating these standards into their corporate culture or guidelines on how to manage integrity risks efficiently. Consequently, particularly for family-owned companies and SMEs in Turkey, business ethics remain a soft skill rather than a value and an asset to be measured, reported, communicated and effectively managed.

Description of Integrity Partner 

The Ethics and Reputation Society "TEID” is a non-profit organization which was founded in May 2010, and which aims to develop and encourage adherence to universally recognized business ethics principles in the Turkish business environment. 


TEID acts as a point of reference for the private sector companies, assisting them in incorporating the principles of business ethics. It also works closely with the legislator in the pursuit of a more ethical socio-economic environment in which companies are enabled to act in compliance with those ethical principles, without losing their competitiveness, and instead thereby gaining advantages.


TEID acts as a platform for sharing knowledge, experience and best practices. It also assists its members in preparing training courses for their local partners and suppliers to ensure that they share a common understanding and language as far as compliance with codes of ethics, integrity risk management and reputation risk management systems are concerned.


Etik ve Itibar Dernegi (TEİD)

This project is supported by Siemens as part of the Siemens Integrity Initiative.
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