Data Privacy is an integral part of Siemens' business activities and processes. We care deeply about data protection and are committed to protecting the privacy of our employees, customers, suppliers and consumers. This website provides insight on the various elements that form the Siemens approach to data privacy.

Your Data, your Rights

We believe that one of the most important elements of a company’s data privacy program is to provide transparency on its processing operations. That is why we developed our Data Privacy Notice to explain how we handle personal data and how you can exercise your rights.

You Control your Data – Siemens as Data Processor

Using our products and services often means entrusting Siemens with processing one of the most valuable assets of a company – its data. That is why data privacy forms an integral part of our offerings. You can learn more by visiting the Siemens Data Privacy Trust Center.


There is no Privacy without Security. With our unique holistic cybersecurity approach, we make it possible for you to introduce and maintain a digitized organization that is secure and reliable at all times. By combining this with our global leading technology and industrial expertise, we are continually working on reinforcing the comprehensive protections among all our products, solutions and services. That’s how we keep you – and society as a whole – secure. Please visit our Cybersecurity Website to learn more.  

Our Global Data Privacy Commitment – the Binding Corporate Rules

Protecting personal data is a top priority for all companies within the Siemens group. For this reason, Siemens was one of the first companies within Germany to obtain and implement Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) approved by the data protection authorities of the European Union. Siemens’ BCR certification demonstrates our strong commitment to the protection of personal data whenever it is transferred or accessed globally by Siemens’ companies. You may find further information on the Siemens Binding Corporate Rules’ here.

You are in the Driver Seat – Data Privacy in Siemens Products and Services

We build in privacy from the  start. When designing, planning and developing our products and services, we embed data privacy milestones directly into the product development process and strive to provide features and functionalities that give customers full control over their data privacy settings.